She was not going to waste the dishes made by her daughter.
She did that for the first time and spent a lot of effort on it!

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As she was thinking, Du Xiangjun got up, started to walk towards the kitchen, and grabbed a bowl and chopsticks just to get rice…

Then she looked around and got confused.

“Where is the rice?”

On the other side…

Lu Zijia had just walked out of the villa when she saw Mu Yunhao standing right in the yard.
She wondered when he came into the yard.

“Second Lady, as long as you want, Second Master would be very willing to help you remove the Lu Family.”

Mu Yunhao met Lu Zijia’s look without hiding anything.
He was telling Lu Zijia plainly that he heard what the mother and the daughter were talking about.

Well, he did not do that on purpose.

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It was just that Lu Zijia had exceeded the five minutes she had promised, so he took a step further to keep his eyes on her in case Lu Zijia ran away.

Lu Zijia looked at him coldly and took a step forward before he did as she said, “Don’t worry, I will deal with that matter myself.”

Well, she already did it actually.

The wooden placard made of devil energy she had thrown into the fountain was going to cause a great deal of trouble for the Lu Family.

Mu Yunhao was not surprised by her rejection.
He seemed to have predicted that she would say so.

The old mansion of the Mu Family was located at the peak of Diyang Town.
It was the place with the biggest fortune.
When they arrived at the Mu Family, it was already eight at night.

Lu Zijia was starving so badly that she was not at all in the mood to appreciate how luxurious the mansion looked.

When she got out of the car, her limbs were feeble, and she looked completely pale.

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Mu Yunhao could not help but get startled at the sight of her as he opened the door for her.

He had no idea why the fine-looking Lu Zijia suddenly got so weak when she was about to walk out of the car.

“Could you please give me something to eat first.
I am so starved that I don’t want to move at all.”

Leaning against the car seat, Lu Zijia simply showed no intention of taking one more step.

She had not suffered from any hunger after she became a Golden Core Master.

This time, it was indeed tormenting and refreshing!

Seeing Lu Zijia’s lazy and unlady-like posture, Mu Yunhao could not help but twitch his lips.
He found one piece of chocolate from the car and passed it to her.

“There is only this piece of chocolate available here.”

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Seeing the one-bite sized chocolate in Mu Yunhao’s hands, Lu Zijia’s face sank, but she still took it and ate it.

It was better than nothing!

After eating the tasty chocolate, Lu Zijia felt that her gurgling stomach was appeased, and she obtained some more energy back.

Lu Zijia licked her lips, feeling the lingering taste.

The food in this world seemed to taste much better than the food in her cultivation world.

At least in the cultivation world, she had never eaten chocolate that was tasty and filling.

The Mu Family’s mansion was enormous.
It took them at least five minutes to walk from the door to the dining room.

Lu Zijia could not help but feel very lucky to have eaten the chocolate as she was following Mu Yunhao.

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Otherwise, she would have collapsed directly on the floor, losing her image as a lady.

“Second Master, Second Lady is here.”


Mu Yunhao was standing at the door of the dining room.
He, who was standing at 180cm, blocked Lu Zijia, who was only 169cm.

Lu Zijia could not see what was going on, but after what Mu Yunhao said, a cold yet familiar voice greeted her ears, “Okay, let her in.”

“Please, Second Lady.”

Mu Yunhao walked to the side and made an invitational posture to Lu Zijia, sounding rather polite.

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