Chapter 262: Going Back on the Scumbag Father and His Mistress (4)

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Du Jinqian wasn’t angry either.
He said, following what Lu Bochuan said, “Since you’ve already said so, you should understand that business can be affected by many factors.

“If other people don’t want to work with the Lu family, who can you blame?”

Du Jinqian refuted Lu Bochuan.
He must say that it was really satisfying!

“You… You…!”

Lu Bochuan was so furious that he almost couldn’t breathe.
His face had turned to the color of a pig liver, not to mention how bad he looked.

“Bochuan, are you alright?”

Xia Fangqing showed her phony side at the right time.
She held Lu Bochuan gently as she asked softly with concern.

Seeing that there were more and more people around, Lu Zijia didn’t want to waste any more time on Lu Bochuan, this scumbag father.

So, she glanced over at the crowd.
Her gaze landed on one person and she walked towards that person quickly.

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“Are you a reporter?”

Lu Zijia walked to a girl with large-framed glasses who was dressed in cute clothes and asked.

Zhang Xiaoxiao was enjoying livestreaming this secretly.
When she suddenly heard this, she subconsciously put the phone in her hand into her pocket.

After that, she shut up and kept shaking her head at Lu Zijia.

She was just a famous livestreamer and happened to run into a commotion in the district, so she wanted to livestream it to gain some more popularity.

Unexpectedly, she was caught by one of the protagonists.

“You’re livestreaming.”

Lu Zijia glanced around with her deity-sense just then.
The other reporters were either taking photos or recording.
Only this woman was recording and whispering softly.

Oh wait, this woman wasn’t recording, but livestreaming.

She found the word “livestream” in the original host’s memory.

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Lu Zijia’s certain tone made Zhang Xiaoxiao realize that her live broadcast just now was discovered.

“Hehe, I’m sorry, I didn’t do that on purpose.
I saw a lot of people taking videos and pictures, so I… livestreamed it.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao chuckled and explained to Lu Zijia a bit embarrassedly.

“That’s fine.
Can I borrow your phone for livestreaming?”

Lu Zijia smiled brightly at her, looking very harmless, like a pure little sheep.

Zhang Xiaoxiao thought she would be scolded.
She had never thought things would go like this.

“Oh, s-sure!”

Zhang Xiaoxiao was a bit dumbfounded for a moment as she passed the phone that was still livestreaming to Lu Zijia.

“Thank you.”

After thanking her, Lu Zijia walked to Xia Fangqing with the phone that was livestreaming and pointed the camera at her.

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“What… What are you doing?”

Xia Fangqing, who was stunned by her behavior, looked at the camera on the phone in shock and suspicion.

I just want to introduce you.
Don’t worry.”

Lu Zijia curled up the corners of her mouth and really started to introduce Xia Fangqing and Lu Bochuan.
“Everyone, this lady is called Xia Fangqing.
She’s from T City.
She has a daughter and a son right now.
Her daughter is 20 years old and her son is 5 years old.

“You can decide for yourselves if she’s the mistress or not.”

After introducing Xia Fangqing, Lu Zijia turned the camera to Lu Bochuan.

Before Lu Bochuan stopped her furiously, she had already started talking.
“This is Lu Bochuan.
There’s always news about his romantic relationships on the entertainment pages.
I believe many people know him, so I won’t introduce him much.

“I introduced them to you because I hope the neighbors of Xia Fangqing can testify for me that Madam Xia Fangqing and Lu Bochuan committed bigamy!

“That’s right.
Besides divorcing this man who isn’t a man, Lu Bochuan, my mother will also sue him for bigamy.

“If you’re interested in what happens next, please continue to pay attention.
Thank you!”

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After saying that, Lu Zijia turned off the livestream.

“Haha, well done!”

Du Jinqian, who reacted first, only felt extremely delighted when he saw Lu Bochuan’s embarrassed face.

His frustration over the years was finally relieved a little today.

Lu Zijia smiled and said to Xia Fangqing with a profound meaning, “Madam Xia Fangqing, the position of legal wife of the Lu family is just one step away.
You must be careful.

“If someone discovers something accidentally, your years of scheming will be ruined.”

Lu Zijia was referring to Xia Fangqing cheating on Lu Bochuan.

And the reason why Lu Zijia said those things just then was just to make more people pay attention to Xia Fangqing.

Once people paid attention to her, many things or secrets would most likely be discovered.

If Xia Fangqing was smart, she should be as low-profile as possible in the future.
Otherwise, she would be the one to suffer in the end.

This way, Xia Fangqing would also be worried and wouldn’t dare to make trouble with Du Xiangjun again easily.

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