Chapter 263: Evil People Were Dealt With by Evil People (1)

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Xia Fangqing had indeed tried so hard to become the Lady of the Lu family, but that was all in her mind.
Now that Lu Zijia said it out loud in front of everyone, she was extremely embarrassed and furious.

However, she had to suppress the anger in her mind, because if she got angry, wouldn’t she be telling people that she really thought so in her mind?

“Jiajia, what are you talking about? Your father and I really have feelings for each other.

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have stayed with him for more than twenty years.
How many two decades does a person have?”

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Xia Fangqing sighed with sadness on the outside, but she was shocked by what Lu Zijia said in her mind.

She didn’t know if she was thinking too much, but she always felt that what Lu Zijia said wasn’t simple, as if she was hinting at something.

Her first reaction was to think about what she did behind Lu Bochuan’s back.
But after thinking carefully, she felt that it was impossible for Lu Zijia to know.
After all, even Lu Bochuan didn’t know about that.

And yet, no matter what, what Lu Zijia said reminded her that she must be more cautious in the future.

Seeing that she was still acting at this moment, Lu Zijia sneered.
“You should say these things to Lu Bochuan!”

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“Evil girl, you’re really rebellious! I’m your…”

Hearing his daughter, who he had never liked in the past, call him by his name and didn’t treat him as a father at all, Lu Bochuan almost burst out of anger.

However, before he finished talking, a sharp voice interrupted him.

After that, everyone saw a fat woman dressed in luxurious clothes rush over in an imposing manner.
She raised her hand and slapped Lu Bochuan fiercely.

Lu Bochuan was caught off guard and was directly slapped hard.
A huge handprint soon appeared on his face.

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Lu Bochuan, who had never thought that he would be slapped, only reacted after a while.
He immediately slapped the fat woman back in anger.

However, although the woman was fat, she was very agile and she quickly took two steps back to avoid it.

Seeing that he dared to fight back, the fat woman immediately became even more furious.
She pointed at Lu Bochuan and started scolding him, “You old man, how dare you hit me!

“Great! There are so many people here.
I want to see how thick your skin is, you old man!”

“Come, come, everyone, remember this old man’s indecent look, in case he harms your daughter in the future and you’ll have nowhere to cry by then.

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“Take this seriously.
Let me tell you.
This indecent thing is already so old, but he still dares to have his mind set on my daughter, a virgin!”

The fat woman didn’t give Lu Bochuan a chance to speak at all and said a lot, making people widen their eyes.

“Let me tell you.
My daughter isn’t an adult yet, but this old man is immoral.
My daughter only helped him when she saw him fall.

“In the end, this immoral old man turned out to return my daughter’s kindness with ingratitude and wanted to kidnap her to be his mistress! He’s simply a bastard inferior to an animal!

“Luckily, my daughter told me in time, or my daughter would be deceived by this bastard!

“God is truly helping me.
He let me see you, this old man, today.
If I don’t beat you up today, I’ll really let my precious daughter down!”

As soon as the fat woman finished talking, she rolled up her sleeves and rushed to Lu Bochuan fiercely.

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