Chapter 264: Evil People Were Dealt With by Evil People (2)

She looked like a fierce bull rushing over, not to mention how scary it was.

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The onlookers, who were standing closer to Lu Bochuan, all stepped back in panic when they saw the fierce posture of the fat woman, as if they were afraid of being dragged in.

Even the phony Xia Fangqing let go of her hand that was holding Lu Bochuan almost subconsciously and stepped aside.

However, she soon realized that her behavior was inappropriate, so she shouted, “Ah!” She pretended to fall and sat on the ground.

And yet, she forgot that she was standing on a pebble road.
One could imagine how painful it would be to fall on it.

Seeing that Xia Fangqing was in so much pain that her face distorted but was still pretending to be alright, Du Xiangjun, who was originally full of resentment, couldn’t help but laugh and the anger in her heart was finally relieved a lot.

Evil people were dealt with by evil people.
This was indeed true!

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Lu Bochuan, who was facing the attack of a fat woman, totally ignored Xia Fangqing and almost wanted to run away subconsciously.

However, when he ran, the woman chased after him.

The onlookers couldn’t help but laugh when they saw this.
They even helped the fat woman secretly and stood in Lu Bochuan’s way, so Lu Bochuan was soon caught in the fat woman’s hands.


The fat woman was so furious that she directly pounced on Lu Bochuan and directly knocked him down on the ground.

The fat woman was at least 200kg.
The effect of her pouncing on him like this could be imagined.

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Lu Bochuan was knocked down from the back and he fell to the ground facing down.
His forehead and nose directly hit the ground, making Lu Bochuan immediately cry out in pain.

When he looked up, everyone saw that there was blood on his forehead and there were two red streaks of blood under his nose.
They couldn’t help feeling sorry for him in their minds.

However, the fat woman still hadn’t vented her anger.
She directly stood on Lu Bochuan’s back and jumped, making the crowd of onlookers frightened!

The men in the crowd, in particular, couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat.
At the same time, they couldn’t help thinking in their mind, “Women are indeed harder to deal with than tigers when they fly into a rage!”

“Argh! Argh! Lunatic! Get this lunatic away from me… Argh!”

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Seeing Lu Bochuan being tortured by the fat woman, Lu Zijia’s eyebrows curved and she seemed to be in a good mood.

These were just the beginning of the Lu family’s misfortune.
When she left the Lu family before, the piece of Yin Wood she threw into the fountain had already started to work.

That meant that the Lu family would only get more and more unlucky, until they were bankrupt!

After the fat woman finally vented her anger, she immediately left, while Lu Bochuan had already passed out on the verge of dying.

His messy look just then was completely recorded by people, not to mention how embarrassing it was.

In the end, Xia Fangqing still called the driver and left together with Lu Bochuan, even though she wasn’t willing to.

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“Thank you.”

Lu Zijia returned the phone to Zhang Xiaoxiao and thanked her with a smile.

“You’re welcome.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao smiled back at her directly and looked at her with a hint of sympathy.

She was truly unlucky to have such a scumbag father.

However, this girl, who looked even younger than her, handled it really well.
If she had to face such a scumbag father, she would probably be angered to death and would even cry from anger.

After everyone left, Lu Zijia closed the iron gate of the yard and the three of them went into the villa.

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