Chapter 265: An Adopted Daughter

“Brother, have some tea.”

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Du Xiangjun poured a cup of tea for Du Jinqian herself, but still lowered her head and dared not to look at him.

Seeing her like this, Du Jinqian frowned.
“Xiaojun, are you planning to avoid us forever?

“You don’t see us as your family just because of Lu Bochuan.
Is our family not comparable to Lu Bochuan in your heart?”

Although Du Jinqian was a gentle person, he couldn’t help feeling a bit angry at this moment.

His sister was good at everything, but she was too stubborn sometimes.
He had no idea who she took it from.

“No, I just… I just…”

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Du Xiangjun turned her head away and clenched her fists, not knowing what to say for a second.

Lu Zijia found the situation between the two of them a bit strange, but she didn’t say anything.

According to the original host’s memories, Du Xiangjun had been avoiding the members of the Du family and she always told the original host not to have too much contact with them.

The original host had asked why several times, but Du Xiangjun didn’t tell her anything.
She only asked the original host to listen to her.

Du Jinqian sighed and said, “Xiaojun, you grew up with us.
Can’t you feel how we treat you?

“Even though we’re not blood siblings, ask yourself honestly, have we treated you as our blood sister all these years?

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“And Mom and Dad have always treated you as their own.
Why do you have to care about being their adopted daughter so much?

“Most of the time, kinship is far more important than blood relations.
Do you understand or not? Don’t make us worried again, alright?”

Hearing Du Jinqian say that Du Xiangjun was the adopted daughter of the Du family, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling a bit surprised.

Even the original host didn’t know about this.

Du Jinqian’s questions made Du Xiangjun’s eyes turn red and she felt even more guilty in her mind.

“I’m sorry, Brother.
I know I was wrong.
I… I really know I was wrong.
I’m too ashamed to go back.
I’m too ashamed to see Mom and Dad.
I’m too ashamed to see you again.

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“You treat me so well, but I almost fell out with you because of a scumbag back then.
I’m sorry…”

In fact, Du Xiangjun had already known that she was wrong.
That was why she was too ashamed to see the members of the Du family again.

Du Jinqian shook his head in frustration, then glanced at Lu Zijia on the side and said, “Since you’re sorry, go home.
Mom and Dad miss you a lot.

“Besides, even if you don’t care about yourself, you must think about Jiajia.
Judging by Lu Bochuan’s attitude just now when he thought you stood in the way of the Lu family, he definitely wouldn’t just let this go.

“Even though the Du family isn’t like before, we can still protect you and your daughter.”

Du Xiangjun finally looked up with a struggling look on her face.
“Brother, I… I’ll think about it.

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“I’m… I’m not ready right now.
When I’m ready, I’ll go back.”

Du Jinqian knew his sister well.
He knew that the knot in her heart wouldn’t be untied so easily, so he didn’t force her.

So, he changed the subject.
“Did you do anything to the Lu family?”

He was certainly referring to the land in the suburbs of B City that Lu Bochuan mentioned before.

Based on Du Jinqian’s understanding of his sister, she would definitely deny it if she had never done it.

But she didn’t deny it before.

That was why he asked.

Facing someone from her family, Du Xiangjun didn’t hide anything, but directly nodded and admitted it.

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