Chapter 266: Director of the Special Administration Office

“That’s right.
I went to see the mayor.”

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Anger appeared in Du Xiangjun’s eyes.
“I don’t care what the Lu family did to me, but they almost killed Jiajia, which they should never ever have.

“If the Second Master of the Mu family didn’t save Jiajia, I probably wouldn’t see her now.

“It’ll really be too easy on them if I just get a divorce and share Lu Bochuan’s property.
If I don’t do something about it, I really can’t let it go.”

Even though her daughter only briefly explained it to her before, she could imagine how dangerous it was and the viciousness of human minds.

Thinking that her daughter was almost ruined and killed by someone, she couldn’t wait to die together with the Lu family.

However, she owed her daughter too much.
She couldn’t leave her daughter alone, so she took revenge on the Lu family in another way.

It seemed that it was working pretty good.

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Hearing what Du Xiangjun said, Du Jinqian was startled and he immediately wanted to ask what happened.

However, seeing his sister’s red eyes and unstable expression, Du Jinqian could only swallow what he wanted to ask.

And yet, he had already made up his mind that he would definitely ask someone to find out what happened when he got back.

The members of the Du family couldn’t be bullied just like that!

When Lu Zijia left the Yuejing Community, it was already two hours later.

She left because someone from the Special Administration Office in the capital asked her to go back.

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Even though she had no idea why they wanted her to go back, she was “Lu Zijia” right now, so she certainly had to bear the responsibility of “Lu Zijia.”

Of course, the most important thing was that according to the original host’s memories, the Special Administration Office of the capital had a lot of good stuff, so she still needed to build a good relationship with them.

After Lu Zijia tapped her card and entered the door of the Special Administration Office, she saw two familiar faces.

These two familiar faces were none other than Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin, whom she didn’t like.

She had not seen these two people since she dealt with the Fei family last time.

Seeing Lu Zijia, Tong Kexin reflexively wanted to scold her, but she suddenly seemed to remember something, and her face immediately became suffocated like she had constipation.

And Che Zhibin’s expression wasn’t any better.

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Tong Kexin didn’t like Lu Zijia, but she was afraid of her strength, so she could only repress the anger in her mind and leave quickly with a cold snort.

Seeing this, Che Zhibin quickly chased after her, but when he left, he looked at Lu Zijia with a bit of resentment in his eyes.

Lu Zijia didn’t really care about this.

After all, no one was perfect.
There might be more people in this world who didn’t like her in the future.
She couldn’t care about all of them, right?

Of course, it was still necessary to be on guard.

Lu Zijia, who received a lot of strange looks along the way, walked directly to the door of the Director’s office and knocked.

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“Come in.”

After hearing a middle-aged man’s voice, Lu Zijia pushed the door open and entered.

“Director, are you looking for me?” Lu Zijia went straight to the point as soon as she walked in.

Behind the desk in the office, a middle-aged man in a suit was sitting there right now.
His face was clean and he was dressed meticulously.
Apparently, he was someone who was particular about his appearance.

This person was the Director of the Special Administration Office of the capital, Luo Meide.
He looked much younger than he actually was and could be considered a handsome uncle.

“Come, have a seat.”

Luo Meide smiled and invited Lu Zijia to sit down passionately, without the dignity of a director at all.

However, Lu Zijia knew that Luo Meide wasn’t as simple as he seemed.

If she had to use one phrase to describe Luo Meide, a “smiling tiger” would be the most suitable.

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