Chapter 267: The Little Lamb Became a Little Fox

Lu Zijia sat down as he said and also smiled brightly at Luo Yinde, looking totally harmless!

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However, as a smiling tiger, Luo Meide’s heart shook inexplicably, as if he was being seen through.

However, he quickly denied this thought.
He had lived for more than half of his life.
How would a little girl see through him?

Thinking of this, the smile on Luo Meide’s face became even kinder.
At the same time, he took out a talisman from the drawer.
“Zijia, do you recognize this talisman?”

Lu Zijia glanced over and nodded very honestly.
“Yes, I drew this Exorcizing Talisman.”

Her honest attitude made Luo Yinde slightly surprised, but he soon got himself back together.

“You drew it? Why do I remember that you don’t seem to know how to draw talismans?”

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Luo Meide said and asked tactfully.

Lu Zijia pretended to look at him strangely and asked with an “innocent” look, “Director, have you already known how to draw talismans since you were born?

“Oh, no, I remember that you don’t know how to draw talismans, Director.
Just forget about it.”

Lu Zijia said as she smiled at him apologetically.

Luo Meide: “…” He was just asking in confusion.
How could she expose him like this?

He was the Director of the Special Administration Office of the capital, but he didn’t know how to draw talismans.
If other people in the industry knew about this, it would be a huge joke!

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However, he was born incapable of drawing talismans.
What could he do? He was also very helpless!

“Ahem, you’re right.”

Luo Meide was already hurt in his mind, but he had to admit that what Lu Zijia said was right.

Ah, young people nowadays were getting less and less cute.

“Zijia, my friend, can you tell me how you learnt to draw talismans?”

The indirect way of getting information didn’t work, so Luo Meide could only ask more directly.

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This time, Lu Zijia wasn’t so honest.
“Director, you know the rules.
You don’t ask where a hero comes from, as long as I don’t have any bad intentions towards the office.

“Besides, the reason why I was able to come to the Administration Office was because you “interviewed” me yourself.
I think you must have already looked into all eighteen generations of my ancestors back then?

“Since you’ve already done an investigation before, don’t you trust yourself, Director?”

The reason why the original host could come to the Special Administration Office was because Luo Meide owed Lu Bochuan a favor, so Lu Bochuan let the original host, an “ordinary person,” in with this favor.

So, the original host graduated from university early.

Lu Zijia’s straightforward words made Luo Meinde swallow immediately.
He only felt that his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys were hurting.

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He used to think that this girl in front of him was soft and weak, like a little lamb that anyone could crush.

But when did this little sheep become a little fox that people had to treat carefully?

Were young people nowadays growing especially fast? Were they different every day?

Looking at the seemingly harmless little girl opposite him at this moment, Luo Meide suddenly felt like he had got himself into a huge trouble!

Ah! He really shouldn’t have been greedy for small advantages back then!

Lu Zijia wouldn’t say anything.
As the Director, Luo Meide couldn’t go too far either, so he could only give up on getting information from her.

So, he changed the subject.
“The talismans you drew are pretty good.
Do you have more?”

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