After Mu Yunhao moved away, Lu Zijia first of all noticed the cold-looking man seated at the main seat of the long table, namely Mu Tianyan.

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Lu Zijia had a very calm reaction at the sight of Mu Tianyan, but she got very startled by the five-year-old boy sitting to the left side of Mu Tianyan.

As far as the original host could remember, Mu Tianyan was unmarried and he did not have a son at the age of five.

Therefore, Mu Tianyan was helping his family look after the children?

Lu Zijia could not help but almost burst into laughter when she thought of a potential scene where Mu Tianyan, the most handsome man on earth, was taking care of a boy.

“Who are you?”

At the sight of Lu Zijia, the boy glared at her with a pair of fierce eyes.
He looked quite hostile with his chubby, little face.

Lu Zijia sensed his hostile attitude, but she ignored him totally.

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After all, he was just a little boy at the age of five.

She was a Golden Core Master last year, and if she had an argument with a five-year-old boy, she would be totally humiliated.

“Little boy, shouldn’t you tell me who you are before you ask me who I am?”

Seeing the gentle and soft-looking young master who pretended to be an adult, Lu Zijia could not help but think about teasing him.

However, despite what she said, she approached them with an honest posture and took a seat to Mu Tianyan’s right.
She behaved as if she were going to eat something.

Mu Yunhao told her that she would run into dinner together with Mu Tianyan when she arrived here.

Although Mu Tianyan and the boy almost finished the food, she had not eaten anything yet!

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Mu Tianyan glanced at her casually and told a middle-aged butler to add one more set of chopsticks and bowls.

Lu Zijia showed a smiling face to Mu Tianyan, seeing Mu Tianyan’s thoughtful behavior.

But in the meanwhile, she said to herself inwardly, “Mu Tianyan looks very lethal but he is very kind inside.”

He must be someone who was lethal on the face yet kind inside, right?

Mu Yunhao left after he completed his mission.
He had no idea what Lu Zijia was thinking.

If he had known what she was thinking, he would definitely think that Lu Zijia was seeing something wrong.

“Dad, who is she? What is she doing at our home? I don’t like her.
Can you ask her to leave?”

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Seeing that Lu Zijia was ignoring his hostile attitude, the little boy, namely Mu Ruishu, was a little bit annoyed.

But he was smart enough to know that only Mu Tianyan could decide whether Lu Zijia should stay or not, so he turned to Mu Tianyan instead.

Hearing what the boy called Mu Tianyan, Lu Zijia instantly turned to Mu Tianyan.

Judging from his extremely handsome face, he did not look like someone who was a father to a five-year-old boy!

Also, judging from his appearance, he could not have fathered a child at all.

“Stop it, mind your food.”

Mu Tianyan did not follow what was in his mind, but he glanced at the remaining food in Mu Ruishu’s bowl and told him to continue with the food.

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Mu Ruishu turned a little paler, though he had already been like this for a while.

Lu Zijia thought that the boy would have a huge fight with Mu Tianyan in the following second.

That was what a normal child would do.

But as a matter of fact, that was not the case.

The boy called Mu Ruishu lowered his head slightly and said with a very soft yet distressed voice, “Dad, are you not fond of me any more?”

PS: The key points – both the male and female leads were totally pure and innocent in heart and body.

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