Chapter 272: The First Case at the Administration Office (1)

Jin Junyi was a bit confused.
“Why should I be angry? I think Master is right.”

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Lu Zijia glanced at him speechlessly and thought, “This guy is indeed a fool.
He’s so dumb.”

He would really help to count money after being sold.

To be able to train such an “innocent” apprentice, this guy’s Master was truly impressive.

In fact, she was very curious.
If Jin Junyi encountered evil spirits who pretended to be pitiful and begged for mercy when he dealt with a case, would he really be soft-hearted and let them go?

If he would really release them, it would be very interesting.

Seeing how Jin Junyi insisted on following her, Lu Zijia rolled her eyes at the sky in silence.

“Get the car.”

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Lu Zijia had already given up trying to persuade this dumb yet stubborn fellow.

Since he liked following her so much, she would just let him.

It would be a waste not to use a free driver who came to her by himself.
She wouldn’t lose anything anyway.

Seeing that Lu Zijia was giving in, Jin Junyi was delighted in his mind and he quickly went to get the car first.

At the same time, he thought, “Fellow Lu isn’t as difficult to get along with as she seems.”

What his Master said was indeed right.
He shouldn’t judge people by their appearance, but by their heart.

The first case Luo Baode gave Lu Zijia to deal with happened in an ordinary district.

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There was a family of three in the small district, but it wasn’t a couple and their child, but a grandma, a father, and a seven-year-old grandson.

According to the information in the file, that seven-year-old grandson suddenly said three days ago that he wanted his grandma to die and that he wanted to kill her.

The grandson only talked about it the first two days, but he really picked up a knife and tried to kill his grandma this morning.

Luckily, the neighbor next door discovered that something was wrong and stopped the grandson from continuing to commit murder, or his grandma would probably have been killed.

However, even if she wasn’t killed, there were still a few wounds on her arms.

The police had already gone to deal with it, but the grandson seemed like he was possessed.
He kept shouting that he wanted to kill his grandma and he was still holding the knife tightly in his hand.

After persuading the grandson for a long time, they still couldn’t make him put down the knife in his hand.
Finally, the cops realized that something was wrong with the grandson, so they reported the situation.

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After the report, the Special Administration Office was put in charge in the end.
Then, it became Lu Zijia’s first case at the Special Administration Office.

They only needed half an hour to get to the district from the office, but it took them an hour to get there.

Because Jin Junyi, this driver, was actually an idiot with no sense of direction!

Half an hour into the trip, she found that they still hadn’t arrived.
After asking, this guy told her the fact that he had no sense of direction!

At that time, Lu Zijia even wanted to slap Jin Junyi to knock him out.

Damn, why did he drive with such a poor sense of direction? Why didn’t he say so earlier!

However, Jin Junyi replied, “Didn’t you ask me to drive? I usually take a taxi.”

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Lu Zijia, who was speechless: “…”

In the end, Lu Zijia found out from the original host’s memories that the car had navigation and they finally arrived at the destination.
She was totally impressed!

After explaining the situation and entering the community, Lu Zijia found that the area was quite crowded.

However, the people in the district more or less had a look of fear and disbelief on their faces.

The family involved in the case was the Qian family and they lived on the first floor of the sixth building in the community.
However, onlookers around who were watching the fun didn’t dare to go near and they stayed far away instead.

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