Chapter 277: You Said You Aren’t Afraid, Then Stop Your Legs from Trembling!

Seeing that even though the young spirit was full of hatred in his mind but didn’t lose his conscience because of this, Lu Zijia couldn’t help sighing slightly.

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“Tell me what happened.” Lu Zijia sat on the couch on the side and said.

This was certainly referring to how the young spirit died.

Five minutes later, just as the young spirit finished talking and before he calmed the intense emotions in his mind, a female police officer came in.

“Things have already been dealt with.
Why aren’t you coming out yet?” The female police officer couldn’t help asking in confusion as she frowned when she saw the two people in the room, one standing quietly and the other sitting on the couch.

Jin Junyi had said before he came that he wouldn’t stand in Lu Zijia’s way, so he only glanced at the female police officer who asked the question and continued to be an invisible man silently.

Lu Zijia glanced in the direction of the young man’s spirit without being noticed, signaling him to calm down.

After that, she got up, shook her head and said to the female police officer, “It’s not over yet.”

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“It’s not over? What do you mean?”

The female police officer subconsciously looked at the situation inside the house and the confusion on her face became even stronger.

The next second, the female police officer suddenly looked at Lu Zijia’s identification card in front of her chest and her pupils shrank abruptly.

“You… You mean there’s… there’s something like that in this house?”

When the female police officer scolded Lu Zijia and Jin Junyi for being late, she looked quite domineering.

But now, she couldn’t help but hold herself with both hands and raise her shoulders as well, looking terrified.

Seeing her like this, the evil side in Lu Zijia’s heart immediately emerged uncontrollably.

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Lu Zijia nodded.
“He was greeting you behind you.
He even asked why you ignored him.”


The female police officer screamed in fright and reflexively turned around to look, but she saw nothing.

“I… I… Don’t come over.
I… I’m a police officer.
I… I’m not… I’m not afraid of you!”

Seeing that there was no one behind her, the female police officer pretended to be calm, but she was even more scared in her mind.

Since she liked reading horror novels, the scenes in those novels couldn’t help but appear in her mind when she talked about ghosts, and her legs trembled terribly!

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The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth twitched: “…” You said you aren’t afraid, then stop your legs from trembling!

The young spirit floating in the air was originally quite afraid of Lu Zijia, but seeing her “cheeky” side just now, he didn’t know what expression to use to express himself for a second.

“What happened?”

Hearing the scream coming from inside the house, the young police officer, who left before, quickly ran back in and asked.

Seeing that the female police officer’s face was pale and her legs were shaking badly, he immediately went forward to hold her up.

The moment the young police officer came to help her up, the female police officer threw herself at him without caring about her image at all, directly pouncing on the young police officer.

Feeling the gentle touch of the female police officer, the young police officer’s cheek that wasn’t swollen immediately turned red.

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“Are… Are… Are you alright? I… I…”

Being held on his waist by the female police officer firmly with her hands, the young officer was so nervous that he didn’t know if he should hold her tight or push her away.

“There… there… there’s a ghost!”

The female police officer kept burrowing into the young police officer’s arms, making him embarrassed and surprised.

However, after hearing what the female police officer said, he was startled in his mind.
He quickly looked around the house and didn’t find the ghost the female police officer talked about.

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