Before Mu Tianyan replied, Mu Ruishu said, “Are you going to stop loving me and be done with me when you get this sister?”

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“Are you going to have a baby with this sister later? By that time, you will give me up, Dad?”

“Dad, I will be obedient, please don’t give me up, alright? I will be nice and quiet and not make you angry.”


A crystal tear fell on the smooth table, causing an extremely clear sound.

“Don’t think too much.”

Mu Tianyan put down the chopsticks, wiped the corner of his lips with the napkin, and turned to Mu Ruishu.

Mu Ruishu quieted down instantly, hoping that Mu Tianyan could tell him something more.

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But what made him disappointed was that Mu Tianyan stopped talking any more and had no intention of explaining anything.

With eyes lowered, Mu Ruishu looked disappointed, and he pursed his lips and controlled the strong urge of bursting into tears.

“I am not thinking too much.
Yang’s father stopped loving Yang when his father brought a woman home and made her his mother.
He even told Yang that he didn’t love him any more because he is too naughty!”


“Dad, I am obedient and I am not naughty, please continue to love me, alright?”

Yang was Mu Ruishu’s classmate in kindergarten and his deskmate.

So he knew what happened to Yang.

Lu Zijia’s appearance had undoubtedly reminded the sensitive Mu Ruishu of what had happened to Yang.

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That was why he was so hostile towards Lu Zijia when they met for the first time.

Hearing the innocent words spoken by Mu Ruishu, Lu Zijia did not know whether to laugh or cry.

She looked so harmless.
She could not have possibly been the so-called evil stepmother, could she? This young master was not very good at judging people.

Instead of greeting Mu Tianyan, Lu Zijia started to eat with the chopsticks that the butler gave to her.

She talked with Mu Ruishu as she was eating.

“Hey little fellow, have you ever been told by your teacher that you think too much?”

“I am Snow White, not the Evil Queen!”

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The original host liked reading fairy tales like Snow White or something, so Lu Zijia, who had the original host’s memories, could not help but tell the story of Snow White.


Mu Ruishu was trying hard to distract Mu Tianyan, so he was very displeased by Lu Zijia’s interruption.

“I am not thinking too much! Also, we are calling teachers Mentors now.”


Mu Ruishu looked up at her with watery-looking eyes and glared at Lu Zijia, purposefully correcting her.

Lu Zijia shrugged indifferently.
“The details don’t matter.
They are the same thing.”

Seeing Lu Zijia unaffectedly eating the dishes, Mu Ruishu almost got pissed.

He had shown such a hostile attitude towards this woman, but why was this woman still eating here? Her face was so thick!

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Yang was right – any woman brought home by father would be evil, and he was going to drive away the evil woman!

As he was thinking, Mu Ruishu slipped off the chair and ran to Lu Zijia with small steps.

Lu Zijia had just taken up a piece of pork ribs and turned to the young master coming towards her.
She was chewing on the food, her cheeks stuck out.

Mu Tianyan, who calmed himself down, spotted Lu Zijia completely unaware of her cute behavior.
A touch of light flashed across her eyes.

His long, slender fingers moved.
He was trying hard to resist touching that round, chubby, snowy-white face of hers.


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