Chapter 282: The Truth, Fraud (2)

“K-Killed someone? What do you mean?” The young man was startled and a bad feeling rose in his mind.

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Seeing the young man turn pale instantly, the female police officer opened her mouth again and again, but finally shut it.

If this person wasn’t working with Grandma Qian, he was only trying to help people out of kindness.
He just helped the wrong person before he figured out the situation.

Was he wrong? He was wrong.
But was it wrong to help people? No.

However, he must protect himself or figure out the real situation before helping someone.

Otherwise, he would really be harming himself and others.

At this moment, the female police officer only felt extremely frustrated in her mind.

Seeing that the female police officer didn’t answer him, the young man’s face gradually turned paler.

Because he guessed that what the female police officer said about him killing someone was killing the young man, whom he forcibly knocked down to search his body.

Thinking of this guess, endless regret arose in the young man’s heart.

He regretted assuming that it was the young man’s fault without trying to understand the situation at that time.
He regretted being so reckless and irritable all the time!

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His mother was right.
With his personality, something would happen sooner or later.
And now, indeed…


The young man knelt on the ground dejectedly and pulled his hair with both hands, looking regretful and painful.

Lu Zijia looked away and glanced at Grandma Qian, who happened to walk out with a glass of water, with a cold gaze.
“Since you have evidence, why aren’t you arresting her?”

The young police officer nodded.
“I’ll go right now.”


The female police officer had just taken a step as she stepped back again and looked at Lu Zijia with a confused look.

“Is something wrong?”

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows, not understanding what she meant.

“Um, is Qiu Ansheng really here?”

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The female police officer looked around first, then approached Lu Zijia and asked in a low voice.

“You want to see him?”

Lu Zijia glanced at her in shock and asked.

The female police officer waved her hands in fright.
“No, no, no, no, I… I just want to reassure him that I’ll deal with his mother’s hospitalization and surgery fees for him.

“I’ve been planning to do charity with a sum of money lately.
It’s also a good deed to help with his mother’s surgery fees, so… Anyway, just ask Qiu Ansheng not to worry.”

Without waiting for Lu Zijia’s reply, the female police officer left in a hurry after speaking.

“Thank you…”

Qiu Ansheng thanked the female police officer sincerely and gratefully from the Yin Gathering Talisman on Lu Zijia.
Unfortunately, the officer couldn’t hear him.

“Madam Yang Xifeng, we have evidence to prove that you scammed people for money on the street and indirectly caused the death of someone.
We are now officially arresting you.”

The young police officer directly showed Grandma Qian the pictures from the surveillance video he printed.

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After saying that, he signaled her colleague to take Grandma Qian away.

Grandma Qian didn’t understand what the young police officer said, but she saw the printed photos clearly.

Grandma Qian looked a bit guilty, but she still thought she was right.
She immediately shouted loudly, “What are you talking about! Do you know how to talk?

“Something happened to my good grandson and me, this old lady.
It’s fine if you don’t take good care of us, but you even talk nonsense to me.

“How do you cops handle things? You’re really useless people who waste resources!”

None of the police officers and medical personnel here had a good impression of Grandma Qian, who was fierce and unreasonable.
When they heard what she said at this moment, their faces immediately became more sullen.

“Take her away!”

The young police officer ignored Grandma Qian’s reproach and asked his colleague to take her to the police car quickly.

“Damn it! What are you cops trying to do? This isn’t fair! This isn’t fair!”

“Everyone, come and take a look! It’s fine that these useless cops don’t take care of my injured grandchild, but they’re even trying to take me away.
They’re truly evil! This is unreasonable!”

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Seeing that the two police officers were coming to catch her, Grandma Qian immediately sat on the ground and started yelling loudly at the same time, as if she was afraid that the people watching the fun around couldn’t hear her.

“Boohoo… Grandma, Grandma, you bad people, go away.
I want my Grandma.
Grandma, Grandma…”

The boy in the ambulance, who was drinking water, also started yelling right after hearing his grandma’s shout.

He even threw the thermos cup in his hand to a nurse and the warm water immediately wet the nurse’s clothes.

The nurse repressed her anger and picked up the water cup that rolled on the floor, thinking in her mind that she was really unlucky today.

She kept saying that she was worried about her grandson, but she kept making a scene and stopped them from sending the child to the hospital.
That was really enough!

“What are you doing? I’ll kill anyone who dares to touch my Mom!”

When the police helped the unreasonable old lady up forcefully and took her into the police car, a loud, furious voice suddenly came.

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