Chapter 288: Second Master, Madame, Where’s Your Integrity?

Second Master was probably the only person who would ask his five-year-old nephew to treat his aunt nicely.

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He even said it so calmly like it was reasonable.
This had never happened in the world!

“Haha, look, kid.
Your uncle isn’t helping you anymore.
Just be good and let me bully you!

“Don’t worry.
Since you’re a kid, I’ll be easier on you.”

Lu Zijia was also startled by what Mu Tianyan said.
The next second, she burst into laughter and joyfully said to Mu Ruishu, who was totally dumbfounded.

Her beaming smile was totally irritating in Mu Ruishu’s eyes.

But… Boohoo… His uncle didn’t love him anymore.
Being with a bad woman, he had become bad too.

“Bad uncle, bad auntie, I’m ignoring you.
You’re all bad people.

The listless Mu Ruishu simply turned his little head away and didn’t look at the two people opposite him.
He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

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Mu Yunhao: “…” Was it really okay for two adults to bully a child?

In fact, he really wanted to ask, “Second Master, Madame, where’s your integrity? Is it still in your pocket?”

Seeing Mu Ruishu’s arrogant reaction, Lu Zijia originally wanted to continue teasing him.

However, her eyes suddenly focused as she stared at Mu Ruishu’s forehead without blinking.


Sensing that Lu Zijia’s aura suddenly fluctuated tremendously, Mu Tianyan turned to her and asked.

Lu Zijia thought for a while and reminded him in a low voice in the end, “Something bad is going to happen to the kid.
Tell the people who are protecting him to pay more attention.”

This kid liked to skip school and run around.
It was quite likely that he would be caught by a creepy man.

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Lu Zijia’s reminder caused a sharp light to flash in Mu Tianyan’s deep eyes.

Of course, his reaction wasn’t towards Lu Zijia.

I’ll ask someone to keep an eye on him.”

Mu Tianyan’s eyes soon became gentle and he thanked Lu Zijia sincerely.


Lu Zijia replied and said nothing more.

The kid was Mu Tianyan’s only nephew.
Mu Tianyan would arrange everything without her saying anything more.

So, she didn’t have to waste her breath.

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Half an hour later, the car arrived at the hospital where Qiu Ansheng’s mother was.

“Wait for me here.
I’ll go in myself.” Before getting out of the car, Lu Zijia said to Mu Tianyan.

However, Mu Tianyan disagreed.
“I’ll stay with you.
The two of them will wait here.”

Before Lu Zijia said anything, Mu Yunhao, who was in the driver’s seat, had already got out of the car and helped Mu Tianyan take out the wheelchair.

Seeing this, Lu Zijia couldn’t say anything either.

“Why did you suddenly come to see me today?”

Lu Zijia walked behind Mu Tianyan and pushed him into the hospital slowly.

“I didn’t come to see you.
I wanted to pick you up from work.
You’re my wife.
As your husband, I want to pick you up from work and go home with you.”

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Mu Tianyan looked straight ahead and replied very honestly, which made Lu Zijia speechless.

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth twitched uncontrollably and she said, not knowing how to react, “Second Master, I don’t think we’re really husband and wife, so you don’t have to do this.”

The reason why she and this man became titular husband and wife was because someone set them up.

Since someone set them up, it certainly didn’t count.

Besides, they had no feelings for each other, let alone being husband and wife.

So, she thought that Mu Tianyan didn’t need to deliberately pretend to be a husband in front of her because of their relationship in name.

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