Chapter 289: The Only Person I Can Fall in Love with Is You

Mu Tianyan’s eyes sank and there seemed to be a storm rolling in his deep eyes, making people frightened.

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“Do you think I’m doing all this on purpose?”

Mu Tianyan’s voice suddenly turned cold, like a thousand-year-old block of ice.

Noticing his anger, Lu Zijia didn’t quite understand where it came from.
After all, she was telling the truth, wasn’t she?

Lu Zijia wasn’t afraid of him because of this.
Instead, she directly asked, “Isn’t that so?”

After thinking for a while, she said again, “If you’re worried that I’ll change my mind at the last minute and will not cure you, you can rest assured about this.

“I said I would help you eliminate the poison, so I’ll definitely help you with it.
Even if we don’t like each other the next second, I’ll keep my promise and help you until I cure you.”

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That was probably the only thing Mu Tianyan would be worried about.
Now that she made it so clear, he would probably return to normal?

Otherwise, Mu Tianyan’s weird look would really make her a bit scared!


Mu Tianyan stopped the wheelchair and Lu Zijia couldn’t continue pushing it forward.

“Lu Zijia.”

Mu Tianyan’s cold face seemed to be covered with a layer of thin ice, making people dare not to get close to him.

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However, his voice was extremely serious and his words were unusually clear.
“I, Mu Tianyan, never do anything intentionally.
I change because of people.”

This was the first time in his life that he treated a woman well, but he was being misunderstood.
One could imagine how frustrated Mu Tianyan was right now.

Lu Zijia blinked.
Her first reaction was that this was the first time Mu Tianyan called her by her name.

The second reaction was thinking, “Change because of people?” This man wouldn’t have fallen for her, would he?

Thinking of this possibility, Lu Zijia widened her eyes slightly and blurted out in shock, “Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for me.”

Mu Tianyan’s eyes glittered slightly and his ears turned slightly red.
He said a bit unnaturally but firmly, “Why not? Even though I haven’t fallen in love with you yet, I do like you.
I want you to be my real wife.

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“Of course, if you think that we can only be a real husband and wife after I fall in love with you, then work hard to make me love you.
I believe that the only person I can fall in love with is you.”

Mu Tianyan wasn’t someone who would run away from problems.
Since he was sure that he really liked Lu Zijia, he would not deny it anymore.

Besides, he would never allow anyone to take away the person he liked.

She had never thought that Mu Tianyan would admit it so directly.
For a second, Lu Zijia: “!!!”

Wait, what he said at the end seemed a bit wrong?

What did he mean by “work hard to make me love you? Who exactly was confessing love right now?

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Besides, she hadn’t promised him yet, had she? Was it really good for this man to talk by himself like this?

“Mu Tianyan, you…”

Lu Zijia wanted to ask if there was something wrong with his head, or why would he say such a bad confession of love?

And yet, before she finished talking, Mu Tianyan interrupted her.
“I’ll make you fall in love with me.”

After saying this, Mu Tianyan quickly controlled the wheelchair to move forward, as if he was running away.

But in fact, it wasn’t an illusion.
Mu Tianyan really ran away!

Because it was his first confession of love, he realized belatedly that something was wrong with what he said in the end, so he quickly added and ran away a bit embarrassedly.

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