Chapter 290: A Long Way to Pursue His Wife

If Lu Zijia took a closer look, she would see that his ears had already turned completely red.

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The Second Master of the Mu family, who was known as the living King of Hell, also had this day when he was shy.
If Mu Yunhao saw this, he would definitely suspect that his Second Master was possessed by a ghost!

Looking at Mu Tianyan’s straight back, Lu Zijia thought that she must look speechless right now.

This man was indeed crazy today!

It was fine that he confessed by himself, but he didn’t even give her a chance to speak.
He was simply… What the hell!


She didn’t seem to… resist this man’s inexplicable yet almost domineering confession of love?

It wasn’t that no one had expressed their feelings to her in her previous life, but every one of them made her very resistant.

Besides, she could easily see through those people who expressed their feelings for her.
Even though they did have feelings for her, she saw more greed and scheming in their eyes.

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Although she didn’t see Mu Tianyan face to face just then, nor did she look into his eyes, she couldn’t deny that she didn’t feel greed and scheming from Mu Tianyan.

Also, when she deliberately showed some tricks in Zhao Village before, Mu Tianyan only complimented her and had no intention of coveting or harming her at all.

“Bah, what the hell? What am I thinking?”

Realizing that she kept thinking about how good Mu Tianyan was, Lu Zijia slapped her forehead in frustration, stopping herself from thinking further.

Qiu Ansheng, who was inside the Yin Gathering Talisman: “…” He was indeed a ghost right now.

Mu Tianyan controlled the wheelchair and ran for a distance, then stopped and waited for Lu Zijia.

During this short waiting time, he soon calmed his frustration and unnaturalness just then and restored his peerlessly handsome, cold face.

Seeing his expression that looked like nothing had happened, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth couldn’t help twitching.

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She thought, “What this guy said just now should be a joke, right?

“Otherwise, why would he confess his love so domineeringly at the beginning and act like nothing happened the next second?

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia also stopped holding on to it.

Alright, she was actually too lazy to think about it.

Fate was the most important thing for cultivators.
If she and Mu Tianyan were really fated, she would just leave it to fate.

She wouldn’t lose anything anyway, would she?

While Lu Zijia was observing Mu Tianyan, Mu Tianyan was also paying attention to her expression.

Seeing her usual look, he frowned slightly and a trace of frustration flashed through his eyes again.

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“You can come out now.”

Lu Zijia, who had already decided to go with the flow, selectively put the incident just then to the back of her mind quickly.
She took out the Yin Gathering Talisman and said to Qiu Ansheng.

Qiu Ansheng, who couldn’t wait any longer, immediately came out of the Yin Gathering Talisman after hearing that.

“Let’s go.”

Seeing Qiu Ansheng floating up the hospital, Lu Zijia said to Mu Tianyan, who was “zoning out” while looking at her.

That’s right.
In Lu Zijia’s perspective, Mu Tianyan was just zoning out with that look that she didn’t understand.

Mu Tianyan couldn’t help but squeeze his eyebrows together when he met Lu Zijia’s bright eyes that didn’t seem strange at all.

At this moment, he had a feeling that their road to becoming a real married couple would be very long…

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The two of them took the elevator and arrived outside the ordinary ward where Qiu Ansheng’s mother was.

“Why aren’t you going in?”

Seeing that Qiu Ansheng was only looking in through the window, Lu Zijia couldn’t help raising her eyebrows and asking.

Qiu Ansheng shook his head with red eyes.
“I’m a ghost now and have strong Yin energy.
My mother has just become better.
She can’t get worse again because of me.”

Seeing his happy and also sad look, Lu Zijia glanced inside the ward and asked, “If that happens again, will you still help other people?”

Qiu Ansheng smiled wryly, but nodded firmly.
“Yes, because if it weren’t that a helpful person sent my mother to the hospital, my mother would probably… However, next time, I’ll learn to protect myself first before being a helpful person.”

Looking at his mother’s old but kind sleeping face in the ward, Qiu Ansheng finally felt completely relieved.
His spirit body also became increasingly transparent, as if it would disappear from the world at any time.

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