reminded him kindly.

Mu Tianyan repressed the shock in his mind and nodded slightly.
“It’s alright, I can hold on.”

As long as he could be cured, he would persist until the end, even if the process was so painful that he wished he were dead.
He would never compromise!

Seeing that Mu Tianyan wasn’t curious at all, even though he noticed the energy waves of the array she set up.

Lu Zijia couldn’t help exclaiming in her mind, “This man’s willpower has reached an insane level.”

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“Aren’t you curious what array I set up just then?” Lu Zijia asked with a faint smile.

Mu Tianyan looked up at her directly.
“I’m curious.
If you’re willing to tell me, I’ll listen.

“If you’re not willing to tell me, I won’t force you, but I’ll wait.
I’ll wait for the day you’re willing to tell me.”

Everyone had their own secrets.
If she wasn’t willing to tell him, there was no need for him to get to the bottom.

He just had to believe that she wouldn’t hurt him.

Lu Zijia: “…” Why did she feel like she heard his confession of love again?

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“Ahem, it’s actually not an impressive array.
It’s just a simple Spirit Gathering Array.”

Seeing that there was only her reflection in Mu Tianyan’s eyes, Lu Zijia suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable.

Mu Tianyan noticed her unnatural look.
A trace of smile flashed through his eyes and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

“Spirit Gathering Array? Is it an array that can grow spiritual plants?” Mu Tianyan asked with uncertainty.

Lu Zijia nodded.

What Mu Tianyan said was indeed true.
However, apart from growing spiritual plants, the Spirit Gathering Array could also allow cultivators to cultivate inside the array, increasing the cultivation speed of cultivators.

However, she hadn’t found any cultivators in this world yet, so she didn’t continue explaining to Mu Tianyan.

After dinner, Lu Zijia couldn’t wait any longer and she asked someone to move a huge box of emeralds to her room, then stayed inside.

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