Chapter 295: Discriminatory Treatment of the Second Master of the Mu Family

Lu Zijia looked up and glanced at Song Zixuan, who was smiling at her with “bad intentions.” A trace of danger flashed through her bright eyes.

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This unlucky man was truly courageous.
After being gone for three days, he even dared to take advantage of her!

However, it wasn’t so easy to take advantage of her.
She only hoped that he could bear the consequences.

“Lu Zijia, if you can make sure that Master Li is telling the truth for me, I’ll give you a million yuan as remuneration.
What do you think?”

Song Zixuan said with confidence.
Apparently, he didn’t think Lu Zijia would reject him.

However, the next second.

He widened his eyes in disbelief.
He had never thought that things would go like this!

“Not interested.” Lu Zijia looked lazy and totally uninterested.

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Her remuneration had already reached five million yuan before.
And now, this unlucky man made her remuneration return to one million yuan? If she accepted it, wouldn’t she be degrading herself?

If the price was lowered this time, it would happen again the next time and the time after next.
So, when would her worth soar to 100 million?

She had to work hard to support her family, alright?

“You… You’re not accepting the offer? Why?!”

Song Zixuan, who was rejected, only reacted after a while and looked at Lu Zijia in shock as if he had seen a ghost.

Didn’t this woman always want money? When did she start caring so little about money?

Was she going for a zenful image because she knew that it wasn’t good to keep asking for money?

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Noticing his weird gaze, Lu Zijia rolled her eyes speechlessly.
“My rate right now is five million.”

What she meant was that the price he offered was too low.

Song Zixuan: “…” Alright, he was indeed thinking too much about this woman being zenful!

“Alright! Five million it is.”

Seeing that Uncle He was going to “invite” him out, Song Zixuan finally gritted his teeth and compromised.

If he missed this opportunity, it would be impossible for him to enter the door of the Mu family next time.

If five million yuan could solve the problem perfectly and find the real mastermind, it would be worth it.

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Alright, he could only comfort himself like this right now.
Who asked him to meet a miser who wanted money desperately?

After settling a deal, Lu Zijia’s eyebrows curved as she complimented Song Zixuan rarely.
“Master Song is indeed Master Song.
You’re indeed generous.”

Seeing the bright smile on her face, Song Zixuan only felt his heart ache!

“Second Master, do you want to come with me?” Lu Zijia turned to Mu Tianyan next to her and asked.

She asked only out of politeness.
After all, this involved Mu Tianyan’s father.

Unexpectedly, Mu Tianyan accepted her “invitation” without thinking…

Seeing Mu Tianyan’s slightly teasing gaze, Lu Zijia had the impulse to slap herself.

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You big mouth!

Song Zixuan, who saw the interaction between the two of them: “…”

Mu Tianyan, this living King of Hell, wasn’t moved by his sincere invitation just then.
And now, he agreed to Lu Zijia right away.
He completely treated him differently!

Didn’t people outside say that Mu Tianyan didn’t like women and even hated them?

Why was he treating Lu Zijia so well right now? He was totally obedient!

Of course, this also proved that persuading Lu Zijia just then was his smartest move.

After that, the three of them drove to a villa in the suburbs of the Song family that they didn’t usually stay in.

After Master Li was caught by someone sent by the Song family, he was detained in this villa.

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