Chapter 297: Interrogating Master Li (2)

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“You what? Say it!”

Seeing Master Li’s reaction, it was obvious that he knew Mu Tianyan.
Song Zixuan sneered even more.

He had seen a lot of people like Master Li, who took advantage of others to intimidate people, but were actually cowardly inside.

Master Li’s face flushed because of Song Zixuan’s aggressiveness.
He stepped back unconsciously, as if he wanted to escape from here.

However, the two bodyguards who were holding him stopped him from stepping back in time and made him unable to escape.

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“I… I don’t know.
I don’t know anything and I didn’t say anything.”

Seeing Mu Tianyan’s cold, emotionless eyes, Master Li couldn’t help but tremble in his mind and denied what he said before.

“Song Zhuolan and Ye Mingyang asked me to do this.
Ye Mingyang asked me to get close to Song Zhuolan and hurt the Song family.
I only took their money to do these things.

“There are no debts without creditors.
If you want to take revenge, you should go to Ye Mingyang and Song Zhuolan.
I really have nothing to do with it.”

If it was just the Song family, Master Li was still confident that they wouldn’t dare to do anything to him.

But now, there was a living King of Hell here, so he had lost all his confidence.

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He was still young and his career had just started.
How could he die just like that? He couldn’t die.
He couldn’t accept it!

Song Zixuan didn’t argue with Master Li’s sudden change of words.
“Don’t worry, the Song family definitely won’t let those two people go.
As for an accomplice like you, the Song family definitely won’t let you have a good life either!”

Then, he didn’t give Master Li any more chance to explain and turned sideways to look at Lu Zijia.
“You’re up.”

After seeing Lu Zijia solve the problem of the Zhao family with his own eyes, Song Zixuan could be said to believe Lu Zijia blindly.
He always felt that nothing could stump her.

Lu Zijia nodded slightly and got up with a smile at the corners of her mouth as she walked towards the bewildered Master Li.

“What… What do you want?”

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Perhaps out of instinct, Master Li sensed unprecedented danger from Lu Zijia.

He even felt extremely pressured.
Even his master had never given him such strong pressure.

“You… You’re a Taoist Master too?”

Master Li originally guessed that Lu Zijia was a Martial Artist, but he felt that Lu Zijia’s aura didn’t match a Martial Artist’s.
Then, she must be a Taoist Master like him.

Otherwise, an ordinary person would never give him such a huge pressure.

Lu Zijia smiled brightly at him.
“Congratulations, you’re right.
Unfortunately, there’s no reward.”

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After confirming that Lu Zijia was a Taoist Master, Master Li surprisingly wasn’t afraid, but was a bit excited instead.

“Since you’re also a Taoist Master, you should know about the Maoshan Sect, right? I’m the direct disciple of an elder of the Maoshan Sect.
You should know the consequences if you lay a hand on me.”

Master Li didn’t threaten her this time, but told Lu Zijia the pros and cons with a “good” attitude.

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows in amusement.

Seeing Lu Zijia’s reaction that was completely out of his expectation, Master Li completely lost all his confidence at this moment, while not having much to begin with.
He was extremely anxious in his mind.

However, for a chance of survival, he still forced himself to confess his ultimate goal.
“So, if you let me go right now, I promise I’ll definitely not find trouble with you in the future.

“Besides, if you need me in the future, I can help you for free.”

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