Chapter 299: Comparison Was Infuriating

Of course, what Lu Zijia said about not having used the soul-searching secret art was that she had never used it in this world.

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She had already used it at least ten times in the cultivation world in her previous life, so the chances of failure weren’t high.

However, this didn’t stop her from using it to scare people.

As expected, after hearing her irresponsible words, Master Li was so frightened that he immediately panted heavily and almost passed out from the huge blow.

He didn’t know any soul-searching secret art and he had never heard of such a secret art.
However, just because he had never heard of it didn’t mean that such a secret art didn’t exist in this world.

So, he didn’t doubt what Lu Zijia said at all.

Of course, he didn’t dare to doubt her either.

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After all, if Lu Zijia directly searched his soul in anger, it would truly be late for him to regret it.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk.
Don’t search my soul.
Don’t search my soul.
I’ll tell you whatever you want to know, as long as you let me go.” Master Li looked like he was about to cry.
He just hadn’t had snot running from his nose yet.

“Ah, you’re a man.
How can you be so cowardly? I actually want to try soul-searching, instead of having you tell me the truth.

“You should have stood firm and refused to obey.”

Lu Zijia didn’t feel any joy because Master Li gave in.
Instead, she looked sad and found it a pity, which made Song Zixuan on the side speechless.

The Song family spent so much effort but still couldn’t make Master Li tell the truth obediently.

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And yet, Lu Zijia only talked for a while and Master Li gave in so easily.
It was truly… infuriating when comparing people!

Sure enough, this woman was a monster! Ordinary people like them couldn’t compare.

Thinking of this, Song Zixuan immediately felt better in his mind.

Master Li, the person involved: “!!!”

What kind of person did he encounter? He confessed obediently and she still wasn’t satisfied.
She even wanted him to stand firm?

Was she sure she was here for an interrogation? And not to find an excuse to kill him to vent her anger?

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At this moment, Master Li was extremely aggrieved in his mind.
Unfortunately, for the sake of his life, he wouldn’t dare to complain about Lu Zijia, even if he would be injured internally out of frustration.

He finally understood what an unspeakable truth was right now.

Compared to Song Zixuan’s speechlessness and Master Li’s frustration, Mu Tianyan curled the corners of his mouth slightly instead and his deep eyes glittered with a smile and strong interest.

As expected, as long as his wife was by his side, his life wouldn’t be boring at all.

Seeing Master Li’s hopeless look, Lu Zijia also stopped bullying him “kindly.”

“Alright, back to business.”

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Lu Zijia turned around and sat down again.
She asked Master Li, “Did you do anything to the Song family 20 years ago?”

Master Li was startled in his mind after hearing that, as if he didn’t expect Lu Zijia to ask such a question.

For a second, he was a bit panicked in his mind and his eyes glittered slightly.
He didn’t dare to look up at Lu Zijia at all.

“I suggest you think about it carefully before answering my question.
If you give me the wrong answer, I won’t give you another chance.”

Before Master Li was about to speak, Lu Zijia narrowed her eyes and warned coldly.

Master Li’s face immediately turned pale.
He swallowed the words he was about to say.

“No, no, not me.” After a while, Master Li finally chose to tell the truth.

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