Chapter 301: All Kinds of Talismans

“That… That’s my Master.
He’s also my father.
I’m my father’s bastard son.
That’s why I look like my Master.”

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With his life in danger, Master Li told him everything obediently.
“Master asked me to use his name when I came out to work to avoid being bullied.

“So, I really have nothing to do with what happened to the Song family twenty years ago.
I… I only took the blame for my Master.
My Master also told me that the mastermind behind it is Mu Zhengyuan.

“I’ve already told you everything I know.
If you still want to know anything, ask my Master.
I really don’t know anything.
Just let me go!”

Master Li sold his Master and father without hesitation for his own life.

If his Master, who was also his father, knew about this, how would he feel?

“Of course, it’s necessary to ask your Master.
But I’m sorry, I can’t let you go yet.”

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Lu Zijia smiled with her eyes curved and she looked like she was very easygoing.
However, what she said almost made Master Li break down and shout.

“You… You broke your promise!”

Master Li roared in his mind, but he had to repress his anger forcefully, so he said became gritting his teeth.


Song Zixuan sneered and put away the fruit knife at Master Li’s throat.
“Broke our promise? What did we promise you? You arrogant fool!”

As soon as Song Zixuan finished talking, he kicked Master Li’s back again.

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Although Master Li didn’t do anything twenty years ago, it couldn’t change the fact that he had harmed the Song family.

Besides, the person who killed his grandma more than twenty years ago was Master Li’s father.
That was even more unforgivable.
If he didn’t take revenge, he would really let down his dead grandma.

After that, Song Zixuan beat Master Li up one-sidedly, making him scream continuously like a pig being slaughtered.

Half an hour later.

“Bring him down.”

After hitting him until his face was swollen and was only left with half a life, Song Zixuan finally stopped beating him up mercifully.

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“So, was that hard enough?”

After the two bodyguards dragged Master Li away, Song Zixuan turned around and asked Lu Zijia excitedly.

He originally only wanted to teach Master Li a lesson just then, but when he was about to stop, Lu Zijia sent a message to his mind to ask him to continue, so he beat him up for half an hour.

Lu Zijia glanced at the blood on the ground.
Master Li had already spurted out blood after being beaten, so that was certainly hard enough.

His master can sense that something has happened to him now.
If he cares, he’ll definitely come soon.

“If possible, arrange more people here to help.”

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Lu Zijia reminded him and her eyes immediately brightened slightly as she smiled cunningly.
“Of course, if you want less injured members of the Song family, you can buy talismans from me.

“If you want to fight back, you can also buy some Protection Talismans, Attacking Talismans, and even Rebounding Talismans.

“Anyway, there are all kinds of talismans.
The only thing is whether you’re willing to spend money to buy them.

“What do you think? Do you want to consider it?”

Song Zixuan, who was originally quite touched: “…” As expected, he shouldn’t have expected anything from this woman, who wanted money so desperately.

“You’re not going to help after this?” After a while, Song Zixuan finally squeezed out this sentence with the corners of his mouth twitching.

Lu Zijia looked at him as if she were looking at a fool.
“I took your remuneration, so I certainly will help you to the end.
Otherwise, wouldn’t I be destroying my own reputation?”

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