Chapter 303: The Bastard Who Likes to Come for Abuse (1)

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Seeing Song Zixuan get out of the car quickly, Lu Zijia: “…” This unlucky man must be eager for a beating again!

In this short period of time, Lu Wanyuan, who was waiting outside the door of the Mu family, had already seen them and she ran over.

However, when Lu Wanyuan saw that the first person to get out of the car was Song Zixuan, the expression on her face immediately froze.
Then, something seemed to come to her mind and a trace of resentment flashed through her eyes.

Song Zixuan didn’t seem to notice her strange behavior.
He signaled that there was someone else in the car.
“You must be here for Lu Zijia.
She’s in the car!”

Song Zixuan didn’t treat Lu Wanyuan nicely when they met before, so Lu Wanyuan thought it wouldn’t be an exception this time either.

Unexpectedly, this was an exception.

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Even though she didn’t understand why Song Zixuan suddenly treated her well, it was beneficial and harmless for her, so she also gave Song Zixuan a smile as if nothing happened.

“It’s been a while, Master Song.”

Lu Wanyuan greeted Song Zixuan gently first when she spoke, then replied, “Yes, I came to see my sister.”

Then, something seemed to come to her mind.
Her eyes moved and she said again, “Is Master Song driving my sister home?

“I didn’t expect you to be so close to my sister, Master Song.
I thought you only met her for the first time on Lingde Street last time.”

When Lu Wanyuan walked over, she noticed that Mu Tianyan and Lu Zijia were also in the backseat.

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That was why she said these words with a hint of provocation at the end.

Anyone who wasn’t a fool could tell that she was hinting to Mu Tianyan that Lu Zijia had some relation with Song Zixuan in secret.

Song Zixuan, who only gave Lu Wanyuan a slightly better look because he originally wanted to watch the drama, immediately turned sullen.

“You really don’t change.
You failed to frame your sister as a fraud last time, and now, you want to slander her again?

“Let me think, what will you accuse her of this time? For being an immoral woman? Or for sleeping around?”

Song Zixuan put his hands on his waist and stared at Lu Wanyuan with a sneer.
His tone was full of ridicule.

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Without waiting for Lu Wanyuan to explain, Song Zixuan continued, “In my opinion, you’re the one who’s sleeping around, aren’t you? I knew you were a bitch when I saw you.”

She must say that Song Zixuan had quite a sharp tongue.
He just didn’t know why he couldn’t speak well every time he met Lu Zijia!


Lu Wanyuan, who had never been called a bitch in front of people, was so embarrassed that her face turned green and pale.
She stared at Song Zixuan as if her gaze was poisonous.

Didn’t Nanbo say that the Young Master of the Song family was a lazy playboy? Why could he hear the hint in her words?

The reason why she hinted so blatantly just then was because she was certain that Song Zixuan, this rich kid with a useless brain, wouldn’t understand it.
She didn’t expect that he would embarrass her the next second.

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This made her furious and embarrassed at the same time.


When Song Zixuan was about to continue speaking with his sharp tongue, Lu Zijia pushed the back door of the car open from the inside.

“You’re wrong.
I’m the only daughter my mother has.
I don’t have any sister.

“Remember this next time, or I’ll let you try the Unlucky Package.
I guarantee you’ll never forget it for the rest of your life.”

Lu Zijia got out of the car and looked at Song Zixuan, warning him slightly in a cold and calm voice.

Hearing the words “Unlucky Package,” Song Zixuan, who didn’t care much at first, immediately shivered and quickly promised, “Got it, got it.
I promise I won’t say it wrong next time.”

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