Chapter 304: The Bastard Who Likes to Come for Abuse (2)

Lu Zijia looked at him quietly without saying anything, which made people’s hair stand on end, and they got goosebumps all over their bodies.

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At this moment, Song Zixuan was bitter in his mind, but in order not to experience the Unlucky Package, he could only put in effort to think of a way to save himself quickly.

“Bah, bah, I only slipped just then.
You don’t look like each other at all.
How can you possibly be sisters? Right?”

Xiao Xuan smiled happily, looked exactly like an eunuch!

Song Zixuan said this purely to please Lu Zijia.
Unexpectedly, after hearing what he said, Lu Wanyuan’s pupils shrank abruptly and her expression also changed slightly.

However, Song Zixuan was trying his best to please Lu Zijia, so he didn’t notice her strange expression.

“Besides, how would there be a sister who doesn’t want her sister to be good and wants to ruin her reputation again and again?

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“Such a person is totally evil-hearted.
How would a kind person like Master Lu possibly have such a vicious sister? Wouldn’t that be a joke?”

Song Zixuan was learning from Lu Wanyuan.
He was indirectly saying that Lu Wanyuan was not only vicious, but was also a joke.

He wasn’t trying to lower his voice at all.
He even deliberately increased the volume, in case Lu Wanyuan suddenly couldn’t hear it clearly.

Ever since she was little, Lu Wanyuan had always been treated nicely among her peers.
Even if she deliberately scolded people indirectly, other people would only tolerate her.

Even Lu Zijia used to be subservient and tolerant in front of her in the past.

However, ever since Lu Zijia was being set up by them and since she became close to Mu Tianyan, she had suddenly changed into a different person.
Not only was Lu Zijia not afraid of her anymore, she even started to go against her on purpose.

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This was totally unacceptable to her.
So, even though she suffered setbacks from Lu Zijia a few times before, she still deceived herself and others, thinking that Lu Zijia was just acting abnormally for a while and that she would return to being that obsequious trash afterwards.

But at this moment, she finally realized how stupid and ridiculous her previous thought was!

Lu Wanyuan, who suddenly felt like she was a real joke, had a colorful look on her face, which could be said to be extremely exciting.

And yet, for the purpose of coming here, she forcibly repressed the shame in her heart, so she didn’t run away.

Lu Zijia saw her reaction from the beginning to the end and the coldness in her eyes became even stronger.

Lu Wanyuan was indeed like her mother.
Apart from being self-centered, she was also extremely thick-skinned.

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She just wondered what would happen when that thick skin was completely peeled off?

“Sister, I have something to talk to you about.
I want to talk to you in private.
Is that okay?”

Not wanting to hear what Song Zixuan said that made her even more embarrassed, Lu Wanyuan directly said to Lu Zijia with red eyes.

Lu Zijia ignored Lu Wanyuan immediately and looked at Mu Tianyan in the car.
“Do you want to go home first?”

They were already at the door of the house.
Rather than sitting in the car, shouldn’t it be more comfortable to be at home?

Hearing the words “go home,” the temperature in Mu Tianyan’s cold eyes immediately rose again.
“I’ll wait for you.”

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Mu Tianyan said as he glanced at Lu Wanyuan coldly.
There was obvious warning and faint viciousness in his eyes.

Noticing his viciousness towards Lu Wanyuan, Lu Zijia was confused at first, but she soon understood.

When Lu Wanyuan and the others set her up, they also set Mu Tianyan up.
It was normal for Mu Tianyan to have viciousness towards Lu Wanyuan.

But in fact, their minds weren’t on the same channel…

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