Seeing Lu Zijia’s satisfied look, Mu Tianyan suddenly felt like eating something too.

Mu Tianyan did not restrain himself from being affected by others.
Instead, he let himself get dominated by the feelings.

But he could not figure out what made him behave that way.

Lu Zijia, who received that straight gaze from the young master and the butler, turned speechless.

What did he mean that she had caused this mess? She had been the victim, right from the beginning, okay?

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Inwardly, she was extremely annoyed, but Lu Zijia still started to try to do something about it.

She was not in her own home! Also, Mu Tianyan was almost her savior.

“Uncle Butler, you have to believe me! I am innocent! Your young master came biting me and lost his front tooth!” Lu Zijia said as she raised her left arm and showed it to Uncle He.

Uncle He took a look at her arm, which was thin yet did not have any trace of being bitten, let alone a tooth print!

Lu Zijia noticed that too.
She instantly withdrew her arm, feeling regretful inside – she should have saved some evidence!

But without the evidence, she still had a witness, right?

“I am recovering fast, so the tooth print is gone.
But I have a witness that can prove what your young master did to me.”

“Right, Second Master of Mu?”

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Lu Zijia said to Uncle He casually before turning to Mu Tianyan.

Mu Tianyan stopped staring at the traceless left arm of hers, and his face sank.
It was impossible to figure out what he was thinking at the moment.

Instead of answering Lu Zijia, Mu Tianyan did not deny anything either.
Obviously, he admitted that in silence.

“See, I told you!” Lu Zijia showed her hands, expressing her innocence.

“But your young master shed so many tears… I will give him one fruit as compensation.”

As he was speaking, Lu Zijia pretended to reach for her pocket whilst actually digging out one of the Qingling Magica Fruits from the Ancient Space.

“Here you are, don’t shed any more tears.
You are a man, so don’t act like a girl by shedding tears.”

Lu Zijia moved a little and stuffed the Qingling Magica Fruiti into his chubby hands.

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