“You are lying, I am not turning into a girl!”

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Mu Ruishu looked at Lu Zijia with an angry face, but he did not throw away the fruit in his hands.

Mu Ruishu already sensed a very tempting taste of sweetness when Lu Zijia brought out the fruit.

He guessed that the fruit must taste great since it gave off such a wonderful smell.

Mu Ruishu, Mu Tianyan, and Uncle He all caught the smell.

Uncle He was a little bit surprised.
He gazed at the green fruit for a while.

He got even more curious when he found that the fruit was something totally strange to him.

Mu Tianyan squinted as if thinking about something.

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“I am not lying.
If you want to, I can help you turn into a girl,” Lu Zijia said confidently.
But she still concealed one more thing.

Namely, she was just bluffing.

Mu Ruishu did not believe that Lu Zijia had such a skill, but he also got a little bit scared by Lu Zijia’s sinister look.

“Bah, evil woman!”

Unable to do anything about Lu Zijia, Mu Ruishu had to express his dislike towards her with that arrogance of his.

Lu Zijia took a sip from the fruit juice next to him and was very displeased by the way the young master addressed her.

“Hey, I am here treating your father’s legs.
If you keep calling me an evil woman, you are not paying me back with kindness, understand?”

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Lu Zijia said seriously, “Also, I am not trying to be mean, but you are so weak and small and you can’t drive me away.”

“But if you can make me happy, I can probably treat you too.”

“What about showing a cute look to me, so I can forgive you for your rudeness?”

The expressions on the three people present started to change as Lu Zijia was talking.

Uncle He, who had been in a cheerful mood, suddenly got serious.
Then he turned a sharp look at Lu Zijia.

Mu Tianyan’s dark eyes fell upon Lu Zijia, causing her a sense of great pressure.

But Lu Zijia continued to be engaged with her business as if nothing was bothering her.

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Mu Ruishu started to look very confused.
Obviously, he had no idea whether or not he should believe Lu Zijia.

Then he turned to his father’s legs and heard no countering words from his father, so he made up his mind and started to move towards Lu Zijia.

Seeing the young master’s embarrassed look, Lu Zijia took another sip of the sweet and sour fruit juice, looking very cheerful.

How tasty the fruit juice was in this world.

“I don’t need your treatment.”

Mu Ruishu came to Lu Zijia and said in a very serious tone, “But can you treat my father? So he can stand up and walk with me?”

“As long as you can treat my father, I am totally fine with it.
I am sorry to have made you angry.”

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“And I will stop calling you bad woman too.”

The more he talked, the lower Mu Ruishu’s head was.
He looked distressed as if he were begging Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia had thought that this young master was a devil with an angel face.

But it seemed that he was an understanding boy!

Without receiving a response from Lu Zijia, Mu Ruishu gripped the lower hem of his shirt and he started to sound as if he was sobbing.

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