Chapter 319: The Situation at the Lu Family (2)

Old Master Lu looked at her deeply for a while, then looked away after confirming that she really wasn’t lying.

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Seeing that Old Master Lu didn’t speak again, Xia Fangqing quickly asked, “What about your injuries? What happened? Really, kid, don’t you know that I, your mother, would be worried?”

Xia Fangqing’s words sounded like she was blaming her, but she didn’t show any intention of doing that in her tone at all.

Without Old Master Lu’s sharp gaze, Lu Wanyuan immediately heaved a sigh of relief in her mind and her expression became a bit more natural.

“Mom, I’m sorry for making you worry.”

Lu Wanyuan lowered her eyes so that no one could see the anger that flashed through them, but she looked very pitiful.

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Without waiting for Xia Fangqing to speak, she continued, “It’s not Sister’s fault.
I accidentally fell and twisted my ankle.

“Besides, if I hadn’t gone to find my sister and made her upset, she wouldn’t have…”

What Lu Wanyuan said was truly extremely contradictory.
At the same time, it was very easy for people to think astray.

She just said that it had nothing to do with Lu Zijia at the beginning, but then she said that she angered Lu Zijia afterwards.
She even left out half of her words.
Wasn’t she clearly throwing mud at Lu Zijia?

“It’s your sister who hurt your foot, isn’t it? Honey, I know you’re gentle and kind.
You want to be good sisters with Zijia.

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“But it’s not the first day that she doesn’t like you.
Why do you insist on going there to be bullied by her? Tell me, what should I say about you?”

Xia Fangqing looked like she was heartbroken and exasperated at the same time, totally showing the image of a loving mother who loved her daughter.

“Mom, it’s really not her.
I… I was careless…”

Lu Wanyuan still lowered her eyes, but the expression on her face and her voice sounded even more aggrieved.

People would know that she wasn’t telling the truth at first glance.

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“My baby girl, you’re breaking my heart! I’ve seen how much you’ve suffered since you were little.
My heart aches!

“It’s all my fault.
I’m useless.
I failed to protect you.
My daughter, my good daughter, I’m sorry.
I let you down.

Before Lu Wanyuan finished talking, Xia Fangqing hugged her daughter and said with endless sorrow and reproach.
In the end, she even started sobbing out of sadness.

“Mom, don’t be like this.
I’ve never blamed you.
You’re the best Mom in my heart.”

Lu Wanyuan hugged Xia Fangqing back and said some very touching words, which would move people to tears.

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Unfortunately, the three people present weren’t touched by this moving scene.
They even felt annoyed.

“Enough! Why are you crying? I’m not dead yet.
Why are you crying?”

Lu Bochuan, who was already in a bad mood, immediately started reproaching them.
If he wasn’t injured, he would probably stand straight up and beat them.

After being scolded by Lu Bochuan, Xia Fangqing immediately dared not to cry again, but looked like she was wronged and sad.

“I… I just feel sorry for our daughter.
I haven’t been a good mother all these years.
I’m really… I’m really sorry for Wanyuan and Xiao Yuan.

Xia Fangqing still wanted to continue pretending to be obedient and pitiful, but before she finished acting, Old Master Lu interrupted her mercilessly.

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