Chapter 326: The Fang Family Incident (4)

“Yingying, Yingying, are you alright? Yingying, wake up.
Don’t scare me, Yingying…”

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“Your daughter is fine.
I just knocked her out.
She’ll wake up after sleeping for a while.”

Seeing how anxious and worried Zhu Yunya and Fang Chengtao were, Lu Zijia explained.

Hearing that, Fang Chengtao, who calmed down a bit, quickly checked on his daughter’s condition and found that her breath was calm, as if she was really asleep.
He was finally slightly relieved.

“Who are you? Who asked you to hit my daughter? If anything happens to my daughter, can you bear the responsibility?”

After confirming that her daughter was fine, Zhu Yunya finally reacted to Lu Zijia.
Her face immediately darkened again and her eyes were full of sharpness.
Her tone was very bad.

However, she lowered her voice intentionally because she was afraid of waking her daughter up.
Otherwise, that sharp voice would probably hurt people’s eardrums.

“That’s enough! Why are you always so mean?

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“This is Master Lu.
I asked her to come and check on our daughter.
If it weren’t for Master Lu’s timely help just now, would our daughter be fine right now?”

Even though Fang Chengtao was very annoyed in his mind, he still cared about his daughter, so he lowered his voice intentionally.

He immediately said to Lu Zijia apologetically, “Master Lu, I’m really sorry for making a fool of ourselves in front of you.

“My wife is actually alright.
She’s just a bit harsh with her words.
I hope you don’t mind.”

In the beginning, Fang Chengtao didn’t trust Lu Zijia at all, but after seeing Lu Zijia enter the room in an instant with his own eyes, he already believed her more now.

After all, no ordinary person could teleport.

Zhu Yunya was reluctant to accept it in her mind, but thinking that Lu Zijia did save her daughter just then, she controlled herself and didn’t refute her husband.
And yet, she still didn’t put up a nice face.

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“Master Lu, this isn’t a good place to talk.
Why don’t we sit in the living room downstairs and talk?”

Knowing that Lu Zijia was quite capable, Fang Chengtao’s attitude became much more respectful and sincere.

Lu Zijia glanced at Fang Yingying, then nodded and left the room first.

“Master Lu, I apologize for our rudeness just then.
I hope you don’t mind.
I apologize.”

After pouring a cup of tea for Lu Zijia and Fei Dingshan, he picked up his teacup and apologized to Lu Zijia sincerely.

Even though he had the arrogance of a successful person in the upper-class society, he was also someone who could adapt to the situation.

Besides, he also knew very well that people like Taoist Masters should not be offended if possible, or he would only cause huge trouble for his family.

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Lu Zijia didn’t care much about this.
After all, her face was too deceptive.

So, she took a sip of the tea and kind of accepted Fang Chengtao’s apology.

“I can see that you care a lot about your daughter.
Why don’t you tell me about her condition first? Then, I can think of a way to help your daughter as soon as possible, right?”

Lu Zijia put down the teacup and went straight to the point.

Hearing that, Fang Chengtao was certainly very willing to do so.
His daughter almost jumped off the building and cut her wrist today.
Who knew what kind of self-harming thing she would do again after she woke up?

“My daughter started acting strange about a week ago.
At first, she just couldn’t sleep because of insomnia, but gradually, she started having nightmares.

“In the last two days, even the sleeping pills started to lose their effect.
She would wake up after sleeping for less than an hour.

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“The doctor said that if this goes on, my daughter will develop mental issues even if she doesn’t collapse.

“It’s not that my wife and I didn’t want to send her to the hospital, but she seemed like she was crazy when we mentioned going to the hospital.
We dared not to push her, so we could only send her to the hospital when she took the sleeping pills.

“She became even more unstable when she woke up and found herself in the hospital, so we could only take her home to take care of her.”

Fang Chengtao’s slightly tired face was full of worries, and there were obvious traces of frowning on his eyebrows.

Lu Zijia stared at him with her bright eyes, as if she could see through him.
“You said your daughter had nightmares.
What kind of nightmares?”

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