Chapter 334: Ye Nambo’s Embarrassment (3)

Lu Zijia, who couldn’t stand how disgusting he was, said something that Ye Nambo couldn’t believe expressionlessly.

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Before Ye Nambo recovered from the shock, Lu Zijia said again mercilessly,

“Of course, it’s fine if you can’t make up your mind.
After all, you’ll live a life worse than death soon.
It’s too easy for a cheap man like you to die.”

After saying what she wanted to say, she directly turned around and left without caring about Ye Nambo’s reaction.

Instead of letting Ye Nambo know nothing, she might as well tell him directly and make him panic for a few days in advance, then watch the things he cared about disappear bit by bit with his own eyes.
That would be the most satisfying way to take revenge.

Ye Nambo, who was originally in disbelief and extremely shocked, thought that Lu Zijia would never do this to him and he subconsciously reached out to grab her when he saw that she was leaving.

Noticing the movements of the person behind her, Lu Zijia continued to walk forward slowly as if nothing had happened.

However, when Ye Nambo’s hand was about to touch her arm, a strong force suddenly knocked Ye Nambo, a man, away.

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They were standing next to a river just then.
Ye Nambo, who was knocked out, crashed into the river without any surprise, causing a huge wave.

Hearing the sound of water falling behind her, Lu Zijia felt that the world instantly became much cleaner.

Initially, she thought that she would only make Ye Nambo’s car stall and the tires break.
But now, it seemed to be quite nice to make him feel pain all over his body for a few days.

The scumbag came for a beating.
If she didn’t give him a huge present, wouldn’t it be too rude?

“Ahem… Ahem, ahem, ahem…”

Ye Nambo, who fell into the river, struggled and popped his head out to breathe in panic.
After that, he choked and coughed.

He was caught off guard and was thrown into the river just then, making him drink a few mouthfuls of water in a row.
That feeling was indescribably uncomfortable.

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However, when he saw the turbid water and the trash floating around, his face immediately turned green and he almost passed out.

After Lu Zijia left, she didn’t go back to the Mu family immediately, but took a cab to the Special Administration Office.

She didn’t forget that she hadn’t come to collect the reward after completing the mission last time!

Even though she didn’t care about the elixirs of the Special Administration Office, she cared a lot about other things.
After all, the things she needed were too difficult to find in this world.

“Knock, knock.”

Lu Zijia came to Director Luo Baode’s office with a folder and knocked on the door.

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“Come in.”

After getting a reply, Lu Zijia pushed the door open and entered with a harmless smile on her face, looking exactly like a little lamb.

However, when Luo Baode looked up and saw that she was the one who came in, his face immediately darkened a bit, and at the same time, he was faintly gritting his teeth.

Apparently, he still remembered that Lu Zijia didn’t only trick him into paying more than a million yuan, but also deliberately wasted 100,000 yuan!

Thinking about it now, he had the urge to beat this cunning fox-like junior up again!

But… Calm down, calm down.
He was the Director.
He couldn’t ruin his dignified and fair Director image for a junior.

Right! Calm down, calm down, but he still couldn’t calm down!

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Lu Zijia greeted him passionately, as if she didn’t notice his resentful gaze.

Luo Baode’s hand that was holding the pen suddenly tightened.
He gritted his teeth and said word by word, “I’m not good at all!”

This girl was still pretending like nothing had happened after making a huge deal out of him.
She was truly courageous!

No, he must think of a way to suppress this girl’s courage, or she would go too far!

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