Chapter 337: Master Lu Who Was Plotting Against Him

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“Hm! Why does she have to go to the Director for collecting the reward? She must have other intentions!”

Tong Kexin judged people by her own bushel and said fiercely, “No, we can’t let her continue to be so arrogant.
Otherwise, who knows when she’ll use her tricks to kick us out of the Special Administration Office?

“Fellow Che, what do you think?”

Che Zhibin already hated Lu Zijia for embarrassing him last time in his mind, and he could take this opportunity to please Tong Kexin, so he certainly wouldn’t disagree with Tong Kexin.

“Kexin, don’t worry.
I know what to do.
I won’t let you down.”

A trace of viciousness flashed through Che Zhibin’s eyes.
His sinister and mean face looked even more ferocious and ugly.

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After getting Che Zhibin’s guarantee, Tong Kexin finally felt a bit better in her mind.

“Get in.
You completed a level-four mission.
You can only choose one thing in this level-four secret chamber as your reward.”

After opening the heavy iron door of the secret chamber, Luo Baode asked Lu Zijia to go in.

The moment the iron gate opened, a glint flashed through Lu Zijia’s eyes.

Even though she gave up the elixirs as her reward, she didn’t have much expectation for other rewards either.

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After all, the mission she completed was only of the lowest level in the Special Administration Office, so the reward certainly wouldn’t be anything rare.

However, it seemed that there were still good things in this level-four secret chamber.
At least there were good things she wanted right now.

Lu Zijia walked into the secret chamber with an expressionless look on the outside, but she was already plotting hard in her mind.

The space of the secret chamber was only about 100 square meters.
There was a huge shelf on each of the three walls.
The shelves were divided into small compartments, and each of them had something big or small inside, which was very convenient for people to look at.

In the middle was a desk with a computer and notebook on it.
They should be used for recording.

Before she came in, Lu Zijia had already felt two strong streaks of spiritual energy, but she didn’t walk towards the thing with strong spiritual energy immediately.

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Instead, she stood in front of the shelves and looked at them curiously one by one, just like how other people did when they entered the secret chamber to choose their rewards for the first time.

Seeing Lu Zijia’s bumpkin look like an old lady who had entered the Grand View Garden, a sense of pride immediately arose in Luo Baode’s heart.

See, this damn girl might be sharp-tongued, but she wasn’t as experienced as he was after all.

Hehe, living a few more years than others was truly an advantage.

Luo Baode, who was feeling proud in his mind, had no idea that Lu Zijia was carefully plotting against him right now!

Would he cry after knowing the truth?

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“What do you think, girl? Do you want all of the treasure? Unfortunately, you can only choose one.”

After being tricked by Lu Zijia last time, Luo Baode directly changed the way he addressed Lu Zijia from “Fellow Zijia” to “girl.” He didn’t sound polite anymore.

Hearing the boastful and proud tone in Luo Baode’s voice, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth twitched and she thought, “This Director isn’t just a miser, but also an old imp.”

“What’s this?”

Lu Zijia ignored his annoying face and pointed at something that seemed to have been burnt into charcoal on the grid in front of her as she asked Luo Meide.

As soon as Lu Zijia asked this question, Luo Baode immediately became cocky and said, as if Lu Zijia was ignorant, “Hey, girl, as a Taoist Master, you don’t recognize a Yang Wood?”

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