The Mu Family was indeed powerful – neither of them was present and a marriage certificate was made.They must have frightened the Civil Affairs Office in some way too.

Mu Tianyan did not deny what Lu Zijia said, so he admitted that what she said was true.

“But Second Master of Mu, you are in charge of the Mu Family, aren’t you?”

“Then aren’t you annoyed that you’ve been forced to do something by other people of the Mu Family?”

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Lu Zijia, who had eaten the most, put down her chopsticks and stared at Mu Tianyan with a fake smile.

She did not think that Mu Tianyan allowed the Mu Family to do whatever they were doing just because Mu Tianyan feared the other people of the family.

But without Mu Tianyan’s permission, the original host would not have had the chance to be present in front of him!

Sure enough, Mu Tianyan showed a mocking smile.

“Do you think that they could be so bold without my permission?”

Lu Zijia nodded alongside him as she asked, “So Second Master of Mu, why did you approve of this?”

That was what she needed to ask.

Did Mu Tianyan fall for her at first sight so he got himself stuck with her? Or did he do so to keep her next to him for further observation?

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Lu Zijia thought for a while and did not think that either was likely.

She might have a pretty face, but Mu Tianyan was not an ordinary person.

He was the icon of power and wealth in Diyang Town.
He had seen tons of pretty girls and lots of them even threw themselves at him.

As for the second speculation….
Even if Mu Tianyan found something strange about her, he could simply arrange his men to watch her rather than bring her to his side.
He was a busy man!

Therefore, Lu Zijia just could not figure out what Mu Tianyan was thinking about.

The moment Lu Zijia asked the question, Mu Tianyan pursed his lips and furrowed his eyebrows.

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