Chapter 343: Mu Tianyan Was Angry Because of Her?

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Lu Zijia wasn’t angry after being rebuked.
Instead, she said with a smile, “You’re really weird.
It’s only the first time we met.
How would I know who you are?

“Old man, why don’t you introduce yourself?”

Lu Zijia was obviously pretending to be dumb, which made Old Weird Taoist look even worse.

The reason why Old Weird Taoist was called Old Weird Taoist was because he rarely showed his real face to people and he always changed his face to that of a young man every time.

Coupled with his unstable temperament and extremely weird personality, there was the word “weird.”

“I am an elder of the Maoshan Sect, Old Weird Taoist.
You ignorant kid, if you’re clever enough, kowtow and apologize to me immediately, or I’ll definitely make sure you never reincarnate!”

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Old Weird Taoist’s eyes became even more terrifying, and his words even seemed especially vicious.

“Never reincarnate.”

Before Lu Zijia showed any reaction, Mu Tianyan got enraged first.
He stared at Old Weird Taoist with his gaze like a thousand-year-old ice, as if he was going to freeze him.

She didn’t know if it was because he had the bloodline of the Divine Dragon in his body, or if his momentum was already so strong to begin with that it actually went straight to Old Weird Taoist and completely suppressed his aura easily.


Old Weird Taoist seemed to notice something.
He stared at Mu Tianyan with his old eyes, as if he wanted to find out something.

Unfortunately, even though his old eyes were about to pop out, he still couldn’t see anything on Mu Tianyan.

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“Madam, can I extort a confession myself?”

Mu Tianyan ignored Old Weird Taoist.
He turned to Lu Zijia next to him and asked gently.

Hearing that, Lu Zijia was first shocked.
Her second reaction was to think if this guy was joking.

However, when she met his cold and deep eyes, she knew that he was serious.

And yet, why did this man suddenly want to extort a confession himself? Didn’t Mu Yunhao and the others usually do this kind of thing?

Suddenly, Lu Zijia remembered that Mu Tianyan got angry because of what Old Weird Taoist said just then.
She couldn’t help but widen her eyes slightly.

Could it be… because of her that Mu Tianyan suddenly wanted to extort a confession himself?

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Thinking of this possibility, Lu Zijia’s heart was immediately stirred fiercely and she couldn’t calm down for a long time.


Even though Mu Tianyan enjoyed his wife’s gaze, it wasn’t the right time and he could let her look at him when they got home.

Noticing that she was staring at Mu Tianyan in a daze, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.
In order to hide her embarrassment, she quickly nodded and said, “Sure, be careful.”

Even though Mu Tianyan had the protection of the blood of the Divine Dragon and ghosts couldn’t get close to him, he was still a human being after all.
He would still be injured if he was attacked.

The anger that originally appeared in Mu Tianyan’s eyes gradually dissipated after Lu Zijia said “be careful.”

“Alright.” Mu Tianyan’s thin lips curled up slightly and there was a hint of joy in his deep, husky voice.

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Lu Zijia, who obviously felt that his mood suddenly got better: “???”

What was wrong with this man? He was still in a bad mood like having a storm a second ago, but he suddenly felt better like the sky had brightened the next second.
That was really… too ridiculous, alright?

Mu Yunhao and the others, who were forced to watch their PDA: “…”

“Second Master, it’s not convenient for you to do so right now.
Why don’t you let me do it?” Mu Yunhao stood out at the right time and said.

The Second Master couldn’t use his internal energy right now..
It would be bad if Old Weird Taoist played dirty.

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