Chapter 349: The Real Mastermind

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Looking at the motionless Old Weird Taoist, Master Li widened his eyes and only reacted after a while.
Apart from disbelief, there was endless fear on his face.

In his understanding, his master was someone that couldn’t be defeated, but now, his understanding was cruelly shattered.

Hearing Master Li’s shout, Lu Zijia looked over and walked to him step by step.

Old Weird Taoist used magic to take people’s lives and Master Li also followed in his footsteps, using cruel means to destroy the Song family.

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Even though he didn’t succeed in the end, it couldn’t change the fact that Master Li was equally vicious and that he disregarded human lives like his master.

For people like them, turning them into fools was the best punishment and also the best karma.

“What… What do you want? I… I’ve already told you everything.
Even my master was killed by you.
What else do you want?”

Seeing Lu Zijia walking towards him step by step, Master Li panicked for no reason.
He even subconsciously wanted to step back and stay away from Lu Zijia, this evil god.

Lu Zijia didn’t stop walking and said calmly, “Nothing.
I just want you and your master to have company.”

Lu Zijia said as she raised her slender, fair hand, putting it on Master Li’s head and starting to cast a spell.

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“No, no, no! Please, please let me go.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
I won’t do it again in the future.
Let me go, let me go… Argh!”

Master Li, who realized what Lu Zijia was going to do, begged with fear all over his face.
Even his tears and snots came out and he looked very messy.
He didn’t have any of the awe-imposing aura that he had before at all.

However, Lu Zijia didn’t care about his begging at all and she destroyed his brain nerves with a spell, turning him into a fool like Old Weird Taoist.

In less than ten seconds, Lu Zijia retracted her hand.
Master Li had already passed out.

Lu Zijia turned around and met the burning gaze of Mu Tianyan and the others.
She couldn’t help feeling like she was being stared at by a pack of wolves…

“The real mastermind behind this is Mu Liren.”

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Lu Zijia directly told the others the information she got from searching Old Weird Taoist’s soul.

Mu Liren was Mu Tianyan’s uncle, one of the people who worked with the Lu family to set her and Mu Tianyan up.

Lu Zijia immediately turned to Mu Tianyan.
“About 26 years ago, Mu Liren met Old Weird Taoist and they made a deal.

“Mu Liren has always hated your father because of the position of the head of the family.
Knowing that your parents have a good relationship with the Song family, he thought of starting from the Song family and making your parents enemies with them.

“They were afraid that the truth would be exposed, so they put the blame on Ye Mingyang.
Old Weird Taoist deliberately got close to Ye Mingyang and asked Ye Mingyang to let him stay with Song Zhuolan to achieve his ultimate goal.”

Their plan was very successful.

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However, not long after this plan started, Old Weird Taoist was urgently summoned back by the sect and the plan was temporarily interrupted.

Mu Liren was exasperated, but he couldn’t do anything because of Old Weird Taoist’s ability.

Besides, in order not to let the matter be exposed, he promised to give Old Weird Taoist benefits every year and he didn’t miss even once.

“After that, Old Weird Taoist was summoned back to the sect.
When he was free, he thought of asking Master Li to continue the deal with Mu Liren on his behalf.

“So, their deal lasted for 26 years.”

After hearing the truth told by Lu Zijia, Mu Tianyan and Song Zixuan both looked very pale.

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