Chapter 350: Luckily, They Didn’t Become Enemies

When Lu Zijia sensed Mu Tianyan’s strong viciousness, she finally remembered that there was one more thing she hadn’t told him, so she quickly said, “Second Master, your parents’ death was a natural incident.
It has nothing to do with them.

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“Mu Liren only wanted to put your father in a difficult situation.
He didn’t plan to take his life so early.”

After pausing for a second, Lu Zijia continued, “As for the car accident of your brother and sister-in-law, I didn’t find anything from Old Weird Taoist’s memories.”

In other words, she had no idea if Mu Liren had anything to do with the death of Mu Tianyan’s brother and sister-in-law in the car accident.

Of course, it was already certain that Old Weird Taoist and Master Li weren’t involved.

“Alright, got it.”

The viciousness in Mu Tianyan didn’t decrease because of what Lu Zijia said at the end.

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Well, anyone would definitely not be in a good mood after knowing that their family had been tricked for more than twenty years.

Seeing him like this, Lu Zijia didn’t say anything more, but waited for them to digest and calm down.

After a long while, Mu Tianyan looked at Song Zixuan and bowed slightly.
“I’m sorry for dragging the Song family in.”

Even though Mu Tianyan was cold-hearted and cruel, he would admit it directly and would never deny it when he knew his mistakes.

Song Zixuan was originally extremely furious, but when he heard the Second Master of the Mu family, who was superior and mighty like an emperor, apologize to him, all his anger turned into a wry smile.

He shook his head and said, “I don’t blame you.
With my aunt’s selfishness and insatiable greed,

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“Even without Mu Liren or Old Weird Taoist, there would still be others.
Perhaps the Song family wouldn’t have survived until now.”

After Song Zixuan calmed down, he thought very clearly.
Mu Liren and Old Weird Taoist were just knives, and the person who picked up the knife was his aunt, Song Zhuolan.

Besides, the truth was exposed at that time.
Judging from Song Zhuolan’s reaction, it could be seen that she did it willingly and even couldn’t wait to pick up the knife to hurt the Song family.

So, the reason why the Song family was almost exterminated was largely due to Song Zhuolan’s greed and selfishness.

Mu Tianyan didn’t say anything more.
He nodded.
“You can come to me for help if anything happens to the Song family in the future.”

Even though Song Zixuan said so, Mu Tianyan wouldn’t really pretend like nothing had happened.
He still had to return the favor that he should.

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Song Zixuan pondered and didn’t reject him.
“Thank you.”

The Song family couldn’t do anything to Mu Liren right now, and Old Weird Taoist and Master Li had already become fools.
So, only Song Zhuolan, her son and Ye Mingyang were left.

The Ye family and the Song family had comparable status.
If the two families fought, one of them would definitely suffer losses.

If the Song family had Mu Tianyan’s help behind them, they wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Seeing that the two of them didn’t become enemies because of this, Lu Zijia was delighted about it.

After all, one of them was her husband in name and the other was already considered her friend.
If these two people became enemies, she didn’t know which side she should stand on.

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The problem was basically solved.
The only thing left was to deal with Old Weird Taoist and Master Li.

“Hang on.”

When the two guards were about to move Old Weird Taoist, Lu Zijia suddenly stopped them.

Then, in front of everyone, she squatted down and searched Old Weird Taoist’s body.

People who didn’t know better would think that she had such special taste that she was into that Old Weird Taoist!

Mu Tianyan, who had never been touched by Lu Zijia like this, frowned so hard that his eyebrows could almost kill a fly..

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