Chapter 354: The Invisible Competition Between the Uncle and Nephew

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Seeing his disappointing look, Mu Liren looked exasperated and was very disappointed with his only son.

However, no matter how disappointed he was, that was still his son.
So, he unconsciously softened his tone.
“You must remember what I said.


“Otherwise, if you anger the Great Elder, not only will you suffer, even our family won’t have a good time.
Do you understand?”

“Got it, Father.”

Mu Jinfeng sounded like he had already calmed down, but his lowered eyes were full of gloom.

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Mu Liren nodded in satisfaction and continued to educate him.
“Jinfeng, you should think more.
You can’t hurt Mu Tianyan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hurt the people around him.


“Doesn’t that kid care about his nephew a lot? We’ll start from that.

“The Great Elder only values Mu Tianyan.
He can’t possibly care about other people as well.”

As soon as Mu Liren finished talking, Mu Jinfeng suddenly looked up with a surprised look.
“Father, leave it to me.
I’ll definitely be able to deal with it.”

Seeing how anxious his son was, Mu Liren finally nodded and let him deal with the matter.


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After getting his father’s permission, Mu Jinfeng was excited in his mind and he couldn’t help showing an evil look on his face.

Lu Zijia, who had temporarily no jobs to work on, planned to shut herself in officially after dealing with Old Weird Taoist.

After explaining to Mu Tianyan and the others and getting some things she needed, she started her first official seclusion in this world.

Mu Tianyan and Mu Ruishu were both a bit sad about Lu Zijia’s seclusion.
They would pass by Lu Zijia’s door inadvertently a few times every day.

Of course, they were very careful every time they passed by.
People who didn’t know anything might think that these two were thieves!


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Time passed in a flash.
Two weeks later, there was a huge commotion in Lu Zijia’s room.

Hearing the noises, Mu Tianyan, Mu Ruishu and Uncle He all rushed to Lu Zijia’s door at the fastest speed.

Since Lu Zijia had made it clear before, the three of them didn’t knock or break in rashly.
Instead, they stared at the door and waited anxiously with anticipation in their minds.

However, the noises in Lu Zijia’s room finally quieted down gradually after a whole day.

Mu Tianyan and the others had been waiting outside the door, worrying all day.

“Second Master, Young Master, you haven’t eaten for almost a day.
Why don’t you eat something first?”

Seeing the two of them staring at the door without blinking, Uncle He couldn’t help persuading them again with a heartache.

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Mu Tianyan shook his head.
“I’m not hungry yet.
Take Xiao Rui downstairs to eat something.”


“No, Uncle, I don’t want to leave.
I’m not hungry either.
I want to wait for Auntie here.
I’m so cute.
She’ll definitely be happy when she sees me first.”

Mu Ruishu kept shaking his little head and said narcissistically as his little face bulged.

“Why don’t I bring some food up?” Uncle He asked tentatively when he saw this.

However, after hearing what Mu Ruishu said, Mu Tianyan, who looked a bit sullen, directly rejected him.
“No, just take him downstairs to eat.
If he doesn’t want to eat, take him back to his room to rest.”

What Mu Ruishu didn’t know was that his uncle had blacklisted him mercilessly because of his unintentional behavior of fighting for attention…

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