Chapter 361: Strip Your Second Master

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Lastly, Fei Dingshan and the members of the Fang family had come to find her.
The difference was that Fei Dingshan came to thank her, while the members of the Fang family wanted to ask her to help deal with Fang Yingying’s matter.

After hearing the news, Lu Zijia didn’t have much reaction, as if she had already foreseen it.

Especially what happened to the Lu family and the Fang family, it was almost exactly what she expected.

The reason why bad things kept happening to the Lu family was that when she left the Lu family, the Yin Wood tablet she threw into the fountain finally worked.
It was also because of the Yin Wood tablet that the members of the Lu family couldn’t find out why they had health problems.

Lu Bochuan had never thought that the Yin Wood tablet he used to hurt his blood-related daughter would be the reason why the Lu family had been so unlucky lately.

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As for Lu Wanyuan’s condition, it was even simpler.
She had cast a nightmare spell on Lu Wanyuan before, which would make her have nightmares for a week consecutively.

With the nightmares and the influence of the Yin Wood tablet, it would be strange if Lu Wanyuan could still be in a good condition.

As for the Fang family, the evil spirit that Fang Yingying got involved with wasn’t easy to deal with.
Normal Taoist Masters couldn’t deal with it.
They might even suffer a backlash from the evil spirit and lose their lives.

So, Taoist Masters who didn’t have a high level of cultivation couldn’t accept this deal of the Fang family easily.

It had been more than half a month since the incident at the Fang family.
They must have reached their limit.
Of course, they might also find a Taoist Master with a high level of cultivation and solve the problem perfectly.

However, these things had nothing to do with her.
What she needed to do right now was to treat Mu Tianyan.

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An hour later, Lu Zijia and the others came to the room that had already been prepared.

Many herbs were stacked neatly in the room, and there was an ancient bathtub half the height of a person in the middle.
Inside the bathtub was some brown medicine made with the herbs.

“Alright, Xiao Hao, stay here for now.
The others can wait outside!”

Lu Zijia said after checking the medicine.

“Okay.” This time, the ten guards left obediently without Mu Tianyan repeating it.

Apparently, they had already been tamed by the inscriptions Lu Zijia showed them before.

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Mu Tianyan wasn’t displeased at all about this.
Instead, he was very happy to see it happen.
After all, this could make him become closer to his wife, right?

“Madame, is there anything I can do for you?” Mu Yunhao asked respectfully.

Lu Zijia picked herbs that had been nourished by spiritual energy as she replied without looking back, “Yes, strip your Second Master and put him in the bathtub.
After that, you can go out too.”

Mu Yunhao, who was a bit dumbfounded: “!!!” Madame, is it really good for you to say it so straightforwardly?

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Strip your Second Master… This really made him think of something else!

And Mu Tianyan, who was about to be stripped naked, couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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What his wife said really made people… overwhelmed and speechless sometimes!

“No, I’ll do it myself.
Get out!”

When Mu Yunhao was about to “strip” Mu Tianyan, Mu Tianyan spoke in time.

Even though he couldn’t walk with his legs, it didn’t mean that he was truly a useless person who couldn’t even take care of himself.
For the past three years, he didn’t rely on anyone to help him, but insisted on taking care of himself.

Mu Yunhao also knew this, so he left without hesitation after Mu Tianyan spoke.

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