e of the Fang family.
Those people all looked up at the roof of the Fang family and were talking about something.

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Fang Chengtao, who just got out of the car, looked up and saw his daughter standing at the edge of the roof.
He immediately turned pale with fright and his bloodshot eyes were full of fear.

Lu Zijia, who got out of the car after that, didn’t stop Fang Chentao when she saw him rushing into the villa in panic.
Instead, she looked up calmly at Fang Yingying, who was standing at the edge of the roof and was almost pushed down the building several times.

Yes, she was almost pushed down the building by a beautiful female spirit with deep hatred in her eyes.

That female spirit was wearing a school uniform and was about the same age as Fang Yingying.
She looked like a good girl.

The female spirit on the roof, who was about to push Fang Yingying again, suddenly looked in Lu Zijia’s direction with a vicious gaze, as if she sensed danger.

The moment their eyes met, Lu Zijia smiled at her in a friendly way.

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However, her friendly smile was a malicious smile in the eyes of the female spirit.

The face of the female spirit immediately became ferocious.
Even the black fog that surrounded her surged violently like the bloody mouth of a vicious beast, trying to swallow Lu Zijia into its stomach.

“The Fang family really hasn’t given up and hired another useless Taoist Master here to die.

“Get out of here if you’re clever enough.
Don’t interfere with this again, or I’ll make sure you don’t walk out alive!”

The female spirit’s creepy voice wasn’t loud, but Lu Zijia heard it clearly.

Lu Zijia chuckled and didn’t care about the female spirit’s seemingly ruthless attitude.
You’ve already tortured her to the point where she’s only left with half a life and you’ve already traumatized her.
She won’t be well for the rest of her life.

“And you, if you continue to do so, there will really be no turning back..
You have to think clearly whether it’s worth it or not.”

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