Well, he was not surprised by who Mu Ruishu was referring to.
After all, he was involved with the whole process in which Lu Zijia became the wife of the Second Master of Mu.

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What made him surprised was that it had been Lu Zijia who produced the fruit that would cause a sensation in Warriors World.

“Second Master, shall we…”

He intended to make a proposal to investigate Lu Zijia.

However, before Mu Yunhao finished the words, Mu Tianyan interrupted him, “No need.
She is now my wife.”

Actually, after what he had experienced with Lu Zijia, Mu Tianyan understood that Lu Zijia was not the same as before.

As for who that person was inside her… was still unknown to him.


But what he could be sure of was that this woman, who he had been tolerating for so long, was not a spy sent by the enemy.

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And that was enough for him to trust her.

Mu Yunhao was shocked – he almost wanted to ask Mu Tianyan if he had considered the marriage as something real.

But when he met Mu Tianyan’s profound eyes, he did not dare to utter any word.

When he was told not to do any more investigation, he decided not to say anything else.

Mu Yunhao accepted the core remaining in Mu Ruishu’s hands, used his internal energy, and ground it into powder.


Mu Yunhao’s skill did not surprise Mu Ruishu.
He was already used to that.


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Early next morning, Lu Zijia received a call from her mother, telling her that she was going to be very busy these days.
She asked her not to wait for her to eat if she went home ahead of schedule.

She even told her to take care of herself…

In the end, she offered to transfer her some money.

Lu Zijia turned her down directly.
She knew clearly that Du Xiangjun did not have much savings left.

What was more, she was already 19 years old and an adult.
She could make money herself.

After she woke up, Lu Zijia did not continue to sleep and went downstairs.

Also, she should not sleep in when she was at someone else’s home.

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However, she did not see where Mu Tianyan or Mu Ruishu was when she took a tour downstairs.

Then, Uncle He told her that Mu Tianyan had driven Mu Ruishu to kindergarten.


She ate breakfast alone and had some leisure time, but she also started to think about how to make some money within a short period of time.

Judging from the little energy she was able to bring in, it would be impossible to sell cores.

As for array formations, inscriptions, and smelter magical weapons… none of these would work in this world.

She might also need a doctor’s license to treat patients in this era.

Lu Zijia kept thinking and thought that she should probably paint amulets.

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It seemed that many people were obsessed with fortune-telling and Feng Shui stuff, and people with those skills did not need to have a license.

For Lu Zijia, she was definitely good at this kind of mysterious stuff.

But when she was about to go out to find a place and start a Feng Shui stand, she received another call.

“Lu Zijia, I am going out to do a mission, so go and get some paper for amulets and cinnabar!”

The woman hung up directly after she finished talking, leaving no chance for Lu Zijia to turn down the offer.

Lu Zijia frowned and thought of who that woman with a rough voice was.

Lu Bochuan had used some strange method to make the original host work for The Special Administration Office of Capital.

The Special Administration Office of Capital was a very strange place because that was a department specializing in dealing with ghostly matters.

Those who were able to enter The Special Administration Office of Capital were basically people with some magical skills or those from Warriors World.

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