Chapter 373: Master Lu’s Principles

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Lu Zijia looked up at the sky outside and said, “It’s alright.
It’s getting late.
Let’s go!”

Lu Zijia said as she walked downstairs first.

Zhu Yunya opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but seeing Lu Zijia’s confident look, she finally shut her mouth and quickly followed.

However, after taking a few steps, Lu Zijia suddenly stopped and turned around to look at Zhu Yunya, who was following her.


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Zhu Yunya quickly stopped walking and asked anxiously and doubtfully in her mind.

“Take your daughter with you.
She’s the key.
Without her, things can’t be resolved completely.”

Lu Zijia’s bright eyes seemed to be able to see through people’s minds, which made Zhu Yunya avoid her gaze slightly in panic.

Zhu Yunya knew that her daughter was the key to this matter and it was very likely that her daughter would need to step up to solve the problem.

So, she deliberately didn’t mention her daughter, trying to make Lu Zijia forget about her daughter’s existence.

But in the end, Lu Zijia still mentioned her daughter and even asked her daughter to tag along.

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“Master, my daughter isn’t in a good physical and mental condition right now…” Zhu Yunya was obviously making excuses.
She didn’t want her daughter to go with them.

Master Lu was going to take them to find Cheng Keqi, who had become an evil spirit.
What if Cheng Keqi still had resentment in her mind and took the opportunity to kill her daughter?

This showed that even though Zhu Yunya felt guilty towards Cheng Keqi, she was still biased towards her daughter.

“If you don’t want to do as I say, Madam Fang, please hire someone else!” Lu Zijia said coldly.

Even though she liked doing business, she wouldn’t do it without principles.
Just like the previous deals, they all had causes and consequences, a beginning and an end.

This meant that she could help the Fang family deal with this matter, but the Fang family must bear the consequences!

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If Cheng Keqi was really forced to death because of Fang Yingying indirectly, Fang Yingying must bear the consequences, and as parents, Fang Chengtao and his wife had to bear the corresponding karma as well, even if they wanted to protect their daughter disregarding their conscience.

“Master, master, please wait!”

Seeing that Lu Zijia was leaving right away, Zhu Yunya immediately panicked a bit and she quickly chased after her to stop her.

“Madam Fang, there are causes and consequences in this world.
If you can’t bear to let your daughter bear the consequences, there’s nothing else I can say.” Lu Zijia said firmly.

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As a Taoist Master, if she knew that the other party was evil and still helped him avoid his karma, she would definitely be punished by God.

Of course, not only evil people would be punished by God, even the Taoist Masters who helped these evil people would inevitably be punished.

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Besides, she was still a cultivator.
Even though she wasn’t afraid of God’s punishment, she was afraid of being marked by the Heavenly Dao, which would affect her future breakthroughs.

Most importantly, she wasn’t related to the Fang family at all, so she wouldn’t let the Heavenly Dao mark down a score just for a few million yuan.
She would definitely not accept a loss-making deal.

Hearing Lu Zijia say “there are causes and consequences,” Zhu Yunya’s expression immediately changed.

She had heard these words from the few masters they hired before, so she was very sensitive and furious about these words.

“Master, I understand your concerns as a Taoist Master, but my daughter didn’t do it on purpose, did she? That was purely an accident.

“Master, my daughter has already become neither like a human being nor a ghost..
She’s really sorry.”

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