Chapter 376: Negotiation with the Female Spirit (2)

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Lu Zijia cast another spell and opened the Yin Yang Eye for Zhu Yunya so that she could see spirits.

“Cheng… Cheng Keqi!”

The moment Zhu Yunya saw the spirit, her body trembled fiercely and her face lost all its color.

Even though Zhu Yunya had never seen Cheng Keqi in person, she had seen her photos, so she could recognize her.

Compared to Zhu Yunya’s shock and fear, Cheng Keqi’s face was distorted with hatred.
She looked like she couldn’t wait to eat the flesh and blood of Zhu Yunya and her daughter.

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This showed how deep the hatred in her heart was.

“I’ve said that I’m going to make Fang Yingying die a horrible death.
Even if you shatter me to pieces, I won’t let her go!”

Cheng Keqi’s originally pretty face became extremely ugly because of hatred at this moment.

Lu Zijia didn’t change her expression at all because of her soaring hatred and resentment.
“It makes sense that you want to take revenge, but if you kill her, you’ll carry the sin of muder.

“By then, you’ll definitely be marked by the judge in hell and you’ll definitely be punished.”

Cheng Keqi wasn’t scared.
Instead, she smiled miserably and a drop of blood fell from the corner of her eye.
“I’m not even afraid of my soul being shattered.
Why would I be afraid of being punished?”

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Apparently, she was determined to take revenge and make Fang Yingying pay with her life.

Lu Zijia shrugged slightly and didn’t say anything else, but looked at Zhu Yunya.

Since it was a negotiation, they certainly had to convince Cheng Keqi and give her a bargaining chip that would move her heart.
And the Fang family should certainly be the one to do the persuasion and provide the bargaining chip.

As people said, whoever started the trouble should be the one to end it.

What she, an outsider, could do was to give the Fang family a chance to negotiate with Cheng Keqi.

Zhu Yunya couldn’t react to Lu Zijia’s gaze at first, but she soon understood that Master Lu was asking her to negotiate with Cheng Keqi herself.

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Even though she was scared in her mind, Zhu Yunya still forced herself to muster the courage and speak for her daughter.

“Cheng… Cheng Keqi, I’m… I’m sorry.
We’re all very sad and guilty about what happened to you.
As parents, we never thought such a tragedy would happen.

“I know the Fang family has let you and your family down, but… but Yingying really didn’t do it on purpose.
Yingying has a good heart.
She has never thought that you… that you would…”

Zhu Yunya didn’t continue talking, but what she meant was already very obvious.

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Fang Yingying didn’t bully her on purpose.
She had never thought that she, Cheng Keqi, would do something extreme like committing suicide by jumping off a building.

Seeing how protective Zhu Yunya was of Fang Yingying, Cheng Keqi, who had never experienced motherly love since she was little, was both jealous and furious.

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“Sorry? What’s the point of that? She’s never thought about it? But do you know how your daughter treated me?

“More than two years, your daughter bullied me in school for more than two years.
More than two years, not just two or three days!”

Facing Cheng Keqi’s furious roar, Zhu Yunya lowered her head in shame, but her hands were still protecting her daughter tightly.

As a mother, she certainly knew what her daughter’s personality was like.
She also knew that her daughter was domineering in school and she knew a little about her bullying other classmates.

However, she thought that those were just conflicts between classmates.
She had never thought that her daughter would be so bad that she bullied a classmate for more than two years.

After being bullied and pushed around for more than two years, even people without a temper would come to a day when they resisted and exploded.

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