Chapter 387: Who’s the Real Idiot?

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Che Zhibin looked very anxious and impatient as he kept urging Lu Zijia.

Seeing him like this, Lu Zijia could only “reluctantly” put away her phone and leave with him.

Che Zhibin, who was leading the way in the front, raised the corners of his mouth with a creepy and sinister smile, like a venomous snake.

However, Che Zhibin, who was immersed in getting what he wanted, didn’t notice that the expression on Lu Zijia’s face was too calm, so calm that it made people’s hair stand on end.

Half an hour later, Lu Zijia followed Che Zhibin to an abandoned building in a remote area.

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“Fellow Che, this is an abandoned area.
Did you go the wrong way?” Lu Zijia’s pure and gorgeous face was full of doubts.
She couldn’t help asking Che Zhibin as she frowned.

Che Zhibin was originally planning to reveal his true colors after bringing her up, but after hearing her ask such a stupid question, he couldn’t help but laugh immediately.

He turned around and looked at Lu Zijia with a mocking gaze, as if he was looking at an idiot.

Seeing him reveal his true colors, Lu Zijia didn’t bother to pretend anymore.
She raised her eyebrows slightly.
“Fellow Che, what do you mean?”

“Hahaha, Lu Zijia, you’re an idiot!

“I thought you became smarter.
I didn’t expect you to be as dumb as before.
You came here so willingly just because I treated you a bit better.
You’re truly extremely stupid.”

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Thinking of the tragedy that Lu Zijia would suffer next, Che Zhibin burst into laughter in an extremely delighted mood.

Lu Zijia wasn’t annoyed at all.
The corners of her mouth curved and showed a faint smile.
“Oh? So, the Director wasn’t attacked.
You only made this up on purpose to lure me here?”

Lu Zijia said as she looked around and then gazed at Che Zhibin.
“I guess you’re here because someone asked you to?

“Otherwise, you, an undertrained Taoist Master who only knows how to use talismans to take down ghosts, are no match for me.”

Lu Zijia’s tone was full of sarcasm towards the end.
Even her bright eyes had obvious ridicule.

Che Zhibin wasn’t very capable, but he was really good at holding grudges.
He actually joined forces with the Deputy Director to deal with her secretly.
He was truly putting in a lot of effort!

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Che Zhibin, who was underestimated, flew into a rage out of humiliation.
He looked like he couldn’t wait to swallow Lu Zijia alive when he gritted his teeth.

However, before he said anything fierce, Lu Zijia interrupted him slowly.

“Am I right, Deputy Director?”

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A touch of strangeness flashed through Lu Zijia’s eyes.
She looked up at the highest floor of the abandoned building, as if she already knew that there was someone upstairs, and that person was even the Deputy Director.

In fact, she did know.

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After all, she was a cultivator with deity-sense.
As long as she released her deity-sense, she would be able to see everyone and everything within the range of her deity-sense could cover.

“How… How did you…”

Seeing that Lu Zijia said the identity of the person working with him in the dark accurately again, Che Zhibin was immediately shocked.

The first time she got it right might be a coincidence, but the second time wouldn’t be as simple as that.

For a second, Che Zhibin stared at Lu Zijia with vigilance and jealousy.

A few months ago, Lu Zijia was just a piece of trash that he could bully and humiliate.
But in the days after that, he was stepped on by this piece of trash so easily.

Besides, the Director even treated this trash differently and complimented her.
With the huge contrast, how could he not hate Lu Zijia?

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