Chapter 390: Master Lu Is Taken Advantage Of!

Lu Zijia was a bit surprised in her mind, but she still walked in casually as if she didn’t sense anything.

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After entering, she immediately felt that this space was a bit depressing and the light was a bit dimmer.
In addition, there was a chill wind from time to time, which really made people’s hair stand on end.

Of course, Lu Zijia wasn’t included.

Lu Zijia quickly glanced around and her gaze finally landed on the Deputy Director, who was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the empty space and smiling “lovingly” at her.

This was a ruin that was about to be demolished, so it was very shabby both on the outside and inside.
There weren’t any doors and windows anymore, but it didn’t seem strange.

However, the strange thing was that the Deputy Director was sitting in a circle drawn with bright red blood.
There were also a lot of obscure runes drawn in the circle.

How did Lu Zijia know that it was blood and not paint? Of course, it was because she smelled it.
The smell of blood was so strong that it was difficult for her not to smell it.

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After glancing at those runes a few more times, Lu Zijia understood why the Deputy Director did this.

A Walk-In Array, the Deputy Director was trying to take over her body.
What a bold idea!

Unfortunately, she was destined to disappoint the Deputy Director.

Let alone the fact that she had the soul of the Master of Golden Core, a pure Taoist Master like the Deputy Director couldn’t do anything to her at all.
Even if she couldn’t beat the Deputy Director, there was still the Ancient Space!

She lived and died with the Ancient Space.
The Ancient Space was a God-defying treasure that even the Heavenly Dao feared.
How could it possibly not be able to deal with a mortal?

And of course, the array made by the Deputy Director couldn’t even be considered defective.

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A good array must be set up with array flags, or at least, it must be set up with spirit stones or something with spiritual energy.

However, this array of the Deputy Director didn’t seem like an array.
The inscription didn’t seem like an inscription and it didn’t seem like a talisman either.
What exactly was it? Please don’t insult the arrays, alright?

In short, if she stood still and did nothing, it was impossible for the Deputy Director to succeed in taking her body.

However, judging from the pungent smell from the Deputy Director’s body, which was even stronger than a month ago, she would still put everything on the line even though she knew that the chances of successfully taking over her body weren’t high?

After all, the Deputy Director didn’t have much time left.
Even if she didn’t take the risk, she would still die.

In fact, the Deputy Director should have died a long time ago.
She just used an evil secret art to prolong her life, but that was just her final struggle.

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“Girl, I’ve waited so long for you.
You’re finally here now.”

The Deputy Director opened her cloudy old eyes and sized up Lu Zijia’s body with a weird and greedy gaze, just like when they were at the office a month ago.

Especially Lu Zijia’s face, she seemed to like it and was extremely satisfied with it.

If it weren’t that Taoist Xuening’s body couldn’t stand too much trouble, she would have been unable to restrain herself and caught Lu Zijia herself.

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Otherwise, she wouldn’t have waited until now.

“Come, little girl, come and sit down.
Let me take a look at you.
Your beautiful little face often reminds me of my younger self.

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“Unfortunately, time doesn’t spare people.
No matter how hard I took care of myself, I still got old.”

The Deputy Director waved at Lu Zijia and asked her to sit in front of her, then showed a nostalgic look.

Perhaps the Deputy Director had tried her best to restrain herself, but Lu Zijia could still see her anxiousness and her jealousy towards her young and beautiful face.

Ahem, alright, this was a bit narcissistic, but Lu Zijia was certain that she was absolutely right..

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