Chapter 399: The Unfortunate Director

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Luo Baode looked into Lu Zijia’s crazy gaze and immediately felt even more embarrassed.

He couldn’t help but put his hands behind his back and said while pretending to be serious, “I sensed something wrong with Taoist Xuening and I’ve been watching her these few days, so I followed her here.”

Luo Baode explained briefly, but it seemed like he was hiding something.

Lu Zijia sensitively noticed the loophole in his words and even sniffed deliberately.

Seeing her nose move, Luo Baode stepped back almost reflexively, looking guilty.

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“So, you’ve been keeping an eye on the Deputy Director?

“But I’ve been here for so long.
Why didn’t I feel that you were nearby at that time?”

Lu Zijia said as she glanced at his coquettish red floral shirt again.
“Besides, you dress in such a bright red color even when you’re following someone.
Director, you’re really something else!

“Besides, I believe anyone who doesn’t have an abnormal sense of smell can smell the perfume on you.” Let alone a Taoist Master who practiced magic!

There were so many loopholes that could be noticed easily.
Let alone saving people, they would even be discovered by the enemy before they got close and might die faster than those they were about to save.

Luo Baode, who was exposed: “…”

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In fact, this was what happened.
When he realized that Taoist Xuening might attack Lu Zijia a month ago, he had already asked someone to keep a close eye on her.
These few days, he sensed that Taoist Xuening might make a move, so he started watching her himself.

However, he was totally unfortunate when he went out today.
He had only followed her halfway when a rude and unreasonable woman suddenly rushed out and said he was a heartless man, asking him to be responsible for something.

The clothes he chose meticulously before he left the house were torn apart by that shrew.
He had no choice but to buy a floral shirt nearby.

He finally got rid of that rude and unreasonable woman, but he then met a few playboy bunnies and was pestered by them for a long time.

The playboy bunnies only let him go after he took out all the money in his pocket and gave it to them.

Thinking of the 25 yuan and 6 cents that he inexplicably lost, Luo Baode’s heart ached!

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25 yuan and 6 cents, 25 yuan and 6 cents! That was worth a breakfast for a few days and it was inexplicably gone just like that.
He was truly unfortunate, truly unfortunate!

So, when he finally found this place, Lu Zijia wasn’t only safe and sound, but had also disabled Taoist Xuening’s ability.

The feeling he got when he was here to save her but realized she didn’t need his help at all was truly uncomfortable.

But anyway, it was good that she was fine.

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Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling a bit speechless when she saw Luo Baode’s frustrated, bitter, and indignant look.
She thought in her mind, “Director, you really have so many expressions.”

Luo Baode was a miser, but he also cared about his dignity, so he certainly wouldn’t tell the truth.

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So, he said with the demeanor of an expert, “I’m extraordinarily strong and I hid myself deliberately.
How would I possibly let a little girl like you discover me?

“As for my style of dressing, that’s my specialty.
At the same time, it’s to confuse the enemy.
And the perfume is naturally to blend into the crowd and confuse the enemy as well.”

Anyone who wasn’t stupid would know that Luo Baode was talking nonsense!

So, everyone present looked at Luo Baode at the same time..
They seemed like they were all looking at the foolish son of the landlord without exception.

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