Chapter 407: Did Something Happen Between You Two That Night?

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After Lu Zijia confirmed it again and again, Du Xiangjun finally accepted the fact that the “living King of Hell” was her son-in-law.

Du Xiangjun looked at her daughter, then peeked at Mu Tianyan, who was sitting in the wheelchair.
Then, she looked away again as if she was afraid that Mu Tianyan would find out.

Seeing that his mother-in-law seemed to be afraid of him, Mu Tianyan got a bit frustrated in his mind.

He didn’t do anything.
Just because of his reputation, his mother-in-law was so afraid of him.
If he did something, wouldn’t she reject him at the door?

Thinking that his mother-in-law would shut him out, Mu Tianyan suddenly felt a bit sorrowful.

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“Mom, I’m your son-in-law.
You don’t have to worry about me if you want to say something.
I’m just an ordinary person.”

What he meant was: Don’t be afraid of this son-in-law because of his reputation outside.

Knowing that Mu Tianyan saw through her fear, Du Xiangjun couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed.
But hearing what he said with a gentle look, she was relieved in her mind.

Rumors were just rumors.
Rumors outside were only made by people and might not be true.

Just like what happened to Jiajia.
She had always been bullied in the Lu family.
However, when it spread to the outside world, it became Jiajia bullying her half-sister, Lu Wanyuan.

Every time she heard such rumors, she was very angry, but there was nothing she could do.

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Mu Tianyan must be in a similar situation, right?

Thinking of this, Du Xiangjun gradually became less afraid of Mu Tianyan.
At the same time, she remembered what her big brother, Du Jinqian, said to her before.

After sighing silently in her mind, Du Xiangjun showed a smile and said to Mu Tianyan politely, “It’s sunny outside.
Come in and have a seat.”

For a second, Du Xiangjun didn’t know how to address Mu Tianyan, so she directly ignored that.

Mu Tianyan certainly noticed that, so he said, “Just call me Tianyan, mother.”

Du Xiangjun, who wanted to ask her daughter something in private, replied smoothly and “enthusiastically” invited him into the house for tea, while she pulled her daughter aside.

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After seeing Mu Tianyan enter the villa, Du Xiangjun heaved a sigh of relief and asked her daughter, “Jiajia, how… did you get together?

“Is it because of that incident? Did something happen between you two that night?”

What Du Xiangjun was talking about was, of course, the day Lu Zijia was reborn and was thrown into Mu Tianyan’s room.

Seeing how nervous she was, Lu Zijia also became serious and said solemnly, “Mom, nothing really happened that night except what I already told you.”

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She had told Du Xiangjun before that she was tricked by Lu Wanyuan, her mother and Ye Nambo into going to the hotel together, and was drugged and thrown into Mu Tianyan’s room.

And Mu Tianyan was a gentleman.
He didn’t touch her.
Instead, he found the antidote for her when she was about to collapse.

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So, Mu Tianyan was her savior.

That was why Du Xiangjun became so tough after knowing what happened.
She filed a lawsuit against Lu Bochuan and ruined a big deal of the Lu family.

“Silly girl, you don’t have to lie to me.
If nothing happened to you, why would you be together again?”

Du Xiangjun obviously didn’t believe her.

Lu Zijia had no choice but to explain to her, “The Lu family wasn’t the only one involved in that incident.
Mu Tianyan’s uncle, Mu Liren, also got involved.

“The next day, Mu Liren even found a way to get us a marriage certificate directly.”

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