d do was to give Lu Zijia a reminder.

“I know,” Lu Zijia sounded indifferent, as she expressed her awareness.

Jin Junyi did not make any more comments, seeing the scene, so he went into the car with her.

Seeing Lu Zijia getting into the car, Tong Kexin got annoyed at the beginning, but soon she smiled.
Her smile looked dark and lethal.

An hour later, they drove into a luxurious community and pulled over in front of a villa.

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The villa was commonly embellished, yet it looked sweet on the surface.
Many colorful plants and flowers were growing outside in the garden.

However, most of those flowers and plants had withered.
Apparently, no one had been here keeping them clean.

Before she got out of the car, Lu Zijia could sense the dark energy emerging from inside the villa.

The dark energy inside the villa was not strong.
However, commoners would have health problems staying inside for too long, and they would even lose their life because of bad health.

“This dark energy is so strong! It must be given off by a demon,” Tong Kexin made a brief observation around the villa and said seriously.

Che Zhibin, who kept sucking up to Tong Kexin, nodded constantly in agreement.

Jin Junyi made an observation of the villa and looked quite serious.

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“There is more than one inside.”

Hearing his words, Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin had a change of face.
They were just about to say something when something moved in the villa.

The owner of the villa came out when she heard the noise.

It was a girl around 15 years old.
Seeing the strange gang, she became slightly alert.

“Who are you, please?”

Che Zhibin stepped out first and said arrogantly, “We are staff from the Special Administration Office of the Capital.
It is your father who asked for our help.”

Hearing those words, the girl’s eyes widened.
She opened the door and guided them in.

“Please, masters! My father has been waiting for you for a long while.
Any more delay and my parents might….”


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