Lu Bochuan stood there and watched the car leave.
His eyes kept flashing, as if he was planning something.

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However, before he made a plan, his phone rang.

A moment after picking up the call, Lu Bochuan’s expression suddenly changed, becoming vicious and furious.

However, the person on the other side of the call hung up directly without waiting for him to fly into rage.

This time, Lu Bochuan’s face became even more sullen and scary.
He was about to rush out reflexively, but he suddenly thought of something and asked the servant who was about to leave on the side coldly, “Where’s Young Lady and Third Young Master?”

The servant was startled by his sullen look that seemed like he wanted to eat someone.
She quickly lowered her head and replied, “Young Lady went out with Third Young Master early in the morning.”

“Where did they go?”

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“I… I don’t know, but Young Lady was carrying some luggage.
She should be going on a long trip.” The servant replied honestly.

Hearing this reply, Lu Bochuan’s eyes immediately turned red.
“Damn b*tch!”

He didn’t believe it when the person on the phone said that Xia Fangqing ran away with his son and daughter behind his back.
Hearing the servant’s reply now, Lu Bochuan almost spurted out blood in anger.

“Call my driver!”

Xia Fangqing, this b*tch… The Lu family hadn’t completely fallen yet and she was already thinking about running away.
That was truly great!

“M-Master, something happened to the driver’s family.
He requested a leave from you last night.” There was a slight tremor in the servant’s voice.
Apparently, she was quite frightened.

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“Damn it!”

Lu Bochuan had just remembered this.
After cursing in a low voice, he went to the garage and drove away himself.

As soon as Lu Bochuan’s car came out of the villa zone, more than ten reporters, who had been waiting there for a long time, spotted it and they all got in their cars to follow him.

And Lu Bochuan, who was in a rage, didn’t notice that many people were tailing his car.


“Mom, didn’t you say that we’re the only ones leaving? Why did you bring him along?”

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Lu Wanyuan stood in the living room and looked at the middle-aged man who kept putting their luggage into the car for them.
She asked her mother, Xia Fangqing, in dissatisfaction.

The middle-aged man was tall, but he had a sharp mouth and a monkey-like face.
Together with the sinister smile on his face, he looked like a cunning person no matter what.

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This middle-aged man was surprisingly Lu Bochuan’s driver, Mu Zhong.
At the same time, he was also Xia Fangqing’s university classmate and her lover.

Lu Wanyuan accidentally heard that her biological father was Mu Zhong two years ago.
At that time, her mother was in the room with her so-called father in front of her…

Thinking of this, Lu Wanyuan was extremely disgusted.

She hated Mu Zhong, this so-called father, and also hated Xia Fangqing, this mother, for finding such a lover.
She was truly blind!

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Xia Fangqing knew that her daughter didn’t like Mu Zhong, but she still persuaded her, “Wanyuan, the Lu family is about to collapse.
If we don’t leave now, the money I saved up after so many years will be taken away by Lu Bochuan.

“I know you don’t like Ah-Zhong, but he’s your biological father after all.
You should try to accept him.

“Besides, there are only the three of us in other places.
Without a man, what if we’re bullied?”

Lu Wanyuan knew what her mother said made sense, but she still hated and repelled Mu Zhong in her mind.

Xia Fangqing understood her daughter well.
Seeing her like this, she said again, “Don’t worry, honey.
I’ve saved a lot of money these years and I also sold this villa for cash.

“Even if we start over somewhere else, I won’t let you and your sister suffer.”

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