Xia Fangqing said as she subconsciously grabbed the travel bag next to her body tightly.

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In order to avoid the capital from being frozen after the Lu Group collapsed, she took out all the money she could get from her card.
Together with the money from selling the villa, she had more than 50 million.

And the 50 million cash was in the travel bag.

Hearing that, Lu Wanyuan subconsciously looked at the travel bag and immediately said with a low voice, “Mom, you definitely can’t give this money to him.
You must keep it close to yourself.”

Before knowing that Mu Zhong was her biological father, Lu Wanyuan didn’t feel anything, but after knowing that, she disliked Mu Zhong no matter what and always felt that he wasn’t a good person.

So, she was even more vigilant right now.

Xia Fangqing was greedy for money, or she wouldn’t have been Lu Bochuan’s mistress for so many years.

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Compared to spending the rest of her life with Mu Zhong, she was more concerned about the 50 million in the travel bag.
After all, without the money, she would really have nothing left.

“I know about this.
You don’t have to worry.” Xia Fangqing had been holding the travel bag tightly herself.
Apparently, she was even guarding against her own daughter, let alone her nameless lover.

“Mom, I want more ice cream.
Get one for me.”

Lu Yuan, who was sitting on the couch and had just finished a cup of ice cream, threw the empty cup on the floor and shouted that he still wanted to eat.

Seeing that her five-year-old brother was making a fuss again, Lu Wanyuan didn’t go up to comfort him, but frowned instead, looking a bit impatient.

Xia Fangqing was already in her forties.
She only had one son right now, so she certainly doted on him.

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But before she went to comfort her son, she heard Lu Bochuan’s furious shout from outside.

“Xia Fangqing, you b*tch, get out here.
If I don’t kill you today, I’ll take your last name!”

Hearing Lu Bochuan’s voice, the faces of Xia Fangqing and Lu Wanyuan immediately turned pale.

Lu Yuan, who was yelling about having more ice cream, wasn’t affected at all.
He continued to shout that he wanted ice cream.

There were also a few large pieces of luggage in the living room.
It was already impossible to hide them before Lu Bochuan came in.

Besides, she had emptied all the valuable things in the villa.
Anyone who came in would find that something was wrong.

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While Xia Fangqing was feeling anxious, Mu Zhong happened to come downstairs with another luggage.
She quickly walked over and said, “Lu Bochuan is here.
What should we do?”

Mu Zhong was first startled after hearing that, then he smiled evilly and said indifferently, “So what if he’s here? Who cares what he’s doing?

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“This is already the last piece of luggage.
Let’s go.
We just need to put these luggage in the car and we can leave.”

After that, Mu Zhong dragged the two suitcases and walked out as if he didn’t care at all.

“Hey, you…” Xia Fangqing wanted to stop him, but her daughter dragged her back.

“Mom, just let him go.
We can’t hide even if we want to right now.” Lu Wanyuan stared at Mu Zhong’s back with a deep gaze and said, then immediately held her mother’s hand and followed him out.

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Outside the door.

After Lu Bochuan drove into the villa, he saw a MPV parked in the yard.
There was already a lot of luggage in the MPV.

Seeing this scene, Lu Bochuan almost blacked out and his chest heaved violently.

“You… Mu Zhong, why are you here?”

When Lu Bochuan got out of the car and saw the person walking out of the villa, his face immediately turned even paler.

When he noticed the luggage Mu Zhong was carrying with both hands, he immediately thought that Mu Zhong betrayed him after taking Xia Fangqing’s money and helped Xia Fangqing run away..
He couldn’t help feeling even more furious.

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