“You ungrateful bastard, open your eyes and see who your master is.
Catch those bastards for me!” Lu Bochuan scolded Mu Zhong furiously.

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In the past, Mu Zhong would definitely do so with a smile, but now…

“Pfft! Lu Bochuan, who do you think you are right now? You can’t even protect yourself and you still dare to show off your power in front of me.
Do you believe that I’ll beat you up until your teeth are all over the floor?”

Being Lu Bochuan’s driver for more than a decade, Mu Zhong had never suffered at all.
Now that he finally turned the table, he certainly had to step on Lu Bochuan a few times.

“How… How dare you!”

Lu Bochuan had never thought that the driver, who usually flattered him like a pug, would have the guts to talk to him like this.
He was so enraged that his whole body started trembling.

Mu Zhong pulled the two suitcases to the side of the MPV and kicked Lu Bochuan before he could react.

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The tall and strong Mu Zhong directly kicked the chubby Lu Bochuan to the ground.

Lu Bochuan, who couldn’t believe that Mu Zhong dared to lay a hand on him, was so shocked that he even forgot to scream.

Lu Wanyuan and her mother, who came out behind Mu Zhong, happened to see Mu Zhong kick Lu Bochuan to the ground.

Seeing that Mu Zhong could suppress Lu Bochuan, Lu Wanyuan and her mother both heaved a sigh of relief.

“Ah-Zhong, leave him alone.
Get the luggage into the car quickly!” Xia Fangqing said to Mu Zhong, afraid that something bad would happen.

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“Alright, I’ll move faster.”

Mu Zhong put away his viciousness towards Lu Bochuan and turned around to smile at Xia Fangqing flatteringly.
Then, he quickly went into the villa to get the luggage.

“Xia Fangqing, you b*tch, the Lu family hasn’t fallen yet and you can’t wait to take my money and leave.
How could there be such a good thing in the world?”

Lu Bochuan, who finally collected himself, saw Xia Fangqing and her mother.
He ignored Mu Zhong who attacked him just then and directly aimed his anger at Xia Fangqing.

“I’m telling you, you can get out of here, but don’t even think about taking anything of mine with you!

“Thinking of a heartless b*tch like you, I would rather throw everything into the sea than give you anything.”

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Seeing that Lu Bochuan was saying more and more unpleasant words, Xia Fangqing was no longer as careful as she used to be in front of Lu Bochuan.
Instead, she looked cold and disgusted.
“Lu Bochuan, what are you talking about? The things I’m taking belong to me.
What has it got to do with you?

“Your things are in the Lu family, not with me!

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“Besides, you kicked me out of the Lu family a month ago.
Why are you still here to find me now?”

Apparently, she was trying to cut ties with Lu Bochuan.

“Alright, alright, you b*tch finally showed your true color.
But let me tell you, a skinny camel is still bigger than a horse.
Besides, the Lu family hasn’t fallen yet.

“Killing a b*tch like you is even easier than killing an ant.
If you’re clever enough, get out of here with nothing.
If I see you again, I’ll definitely kill you!”

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Lu Bochuan had always been arrogant.
He wouldn’t allow anyone to go against his wishes, let alone betray them.

He had already decided in his mind how to torture Xia Fangqing in the future, but he could only do it secretly in his current situation, so he didn’t make a move now.

Xia Fangqing was originally a bit confident, but after being threatened by Lu Bochuan, she immediately got scared in her mind again.

She had been with Lu Bochuan for so many years, so she certainly knew what Lu Bochuan was capable of..
And because of that, she was scared in her mind.

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