t of them turned dark and they might as well pass out and die immediately.

These reporters had obviously been here for quite a while.
They should have heard everything they should and shouldn’t have known.
If these reporters reported this, their family would probably be too ashamed to face anyone.

After seeing those reporters, Mu Zhong was also shocked, but he quickly calmed down and pulled Xia Fangqing.
“Get in the car quickly.
I’ll go in and get Xiao Yuan.”

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After saying that, she quickly walked into the villa.

Hearing that, Xia Fangqing couldn’t care about anything else and quickly pulled his daughter into the car.

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Mu Zhong soon came out with Lu Yuan, who was yelling loudly.
After getting into the driver’s seat, he put the uncooperative child in his arms into the passenger’s seat.

Seeing those reporters push open the iron gate and enter, Mu Zhong gritted his teeth fiercely and stepped on the accelerator directly.

If they didn’t run now, when those reporters came in, they probably wouldn’t be able to escape even if they wanted to.

He finally got the chance to be rich.
No one could stop him now!

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The two reporters, who had just pushed open a huge iron gate respectively, looked up and saw an MPV speeding towards them.
They immediately turned pale in fear and hid behind the iron gate reflexively.

The other reporters who were about to come in behind also dodged when they saw this, but a few of them reacted a bit slower and were hit by the side of the car or knocked to the ground.

“What… What are you doing? What if someone dies?”

After the car rushed out of the door of the villa, Xia Fangqing finally reacted a bit slower and her face turned extremely pale.

She admitted that she was selfish and evil-hearted, but she had never thought about killing anyone.

Besides, she had to pay with her life for killing someone.
She couldn’t let herself spend the rest of her life in prison!

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