However, Lu Yuan was a spoiled Young Master.
He had been given everything he wanted since he was little.
How would he possibly listen to him easily?

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As expected, Lu Yuan didn’t stop because of what Mu Zhong said.
Instead, he became even more fierce and he kept screaming at Mu Zhong like a wolf cub, as if he was expressing his dissatisfaction.

“Son, listen to me.
I promise I’ll buy you chicken wings and chicken legs later.
Sit tight now.”

Xia Fangqing reached out one hand from the backseat and pressed his son down, not letting him move, while the other hand was still holding the 50 million luggage bag firmly.

“No, no, I want to eat now.
I want to eat now.
Boohoo, I want Dad, I want Dad!”

Lu Yuan was certainly referring to Lu Bochuan, but he had no idea that his real father was sitting right next to him.

Mu Zhong had already been extremely displeased in his mind when his own son called someone else Dad.
Seeing that his son was still yelling that he wanted his father right now, he immediately looked unfriendly.

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“Kid, I’m your real father.
Lu Bochuan only helped me raise you.
Remember that.”

Xia Fangqing glared at him in dissatisfaction.
“Xiao Yuan is still young.
How would he know so much? Why are you shouting at him so fiercely?”

After glaring at Mu Zhong, Xia Fangqing started to comfort her son again.
However, she still couldn’t calm him down after ten minutes.

“Shut up, kid.
You’re annoying!”

Mu Zhong, who had been driving and tolerating for a long time, finally couldn’t bear it anymore and slapped Lu Yuan’s face.

Perhaps because it was his son, Mu Zhong didn’t exert much force when he slapped.

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However, his slap was like a bomb, making Xia Fangqing and Lu Yuan explode instantly.

“Mu Zhong, why did you hit your son? He’s your son.
How could you do that?” Xia Fangqing was furious and her eyes turned red.

“I didn’t use much strength.
Why are you so nervous? You’re just spoiling this kid too much.
Look at him now.
He’s totally out of control!”

Mu Zhong glanced at his son, who was screaming more and more crazily next to him, with an annoyed look.
There was a hint of disgust in his tone.

“Argh!!! Bad man, bad man, you bad man, I’ll bite you to death, I’ll bite you to death!”

Lu Yuan, who had never been beaten since he was little, was truly enraged this time.
He waved his arms and legs with all his might and struggled to break free of Xia Fangqing’s restraint, pouncing fiercely on Mu Zhong.

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“Xiao Yuan!”

Xia Fangqing didn’t forget that they were in the car right now.
Seeing her son’s action, her heart almost jumped out in shock.

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“Stupid kid, are you rebelling?”

Mu Zhong, who was driving and couldn’t avoid Lu Yuan, was caught by Lu Yuan.
The next second, he felt a sharp pain on his neck and he couldn’t help but gasp.

Mu Zhong wasn’t a good-tempered person to begin with, so he was immediately enraged after such a fuss.
He grabbed the kid’s arm fiercely and wanted to shake him off.

However, the child was holding his clothes tightly with both hands and he couldn’t get rid of him for a second.

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“Watch out.

Before Mu Zhong finished scolding, he heard Xia Fangqing’s frightened voice, followed by a shrill scream.


Mu Zhong, who wanted to shake Lu Yuan off, didn’t notice the red light at the crossroad ahead.
He even stepped on the accelerator because he wanted to get rid of Lu Yuan forcefully.

In just the blink of an eye, the MPV where Mu Zhong and the others were in suddenly knocked over a small car in front of them.
Then, the MPV turned quickly and rushed to another road.


As soon as the MPV ran to another road, it collided with a large, oncoming truck, making a huge, astonishing sound.

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