Lu Zijia broke Du Xiangjun’s shield step by step, trying to lead her out.

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After hearing what her daughter said, Du Xiangjun went into silence, looking a bit relaxed between her eyebrows.

Lu Zijia didn’t continue talking, but let her figure it out herself.

At this moment, she suddenly turned around and returned to Lu Bochuan’s ward, scaring Lu Bochuan, who had just been able to speak again, so much.

“Don’t panic.
I’m only here to tell you that instead of meddling in other people’s business, you should be more concerned about yourself.
Don’t fail to pay the hospitalization fee in two days.”

Lu Zijia said coldly, “Also, if I find out that you have something to do with the Du family’s situation, I won’t just bankrupt the Lu family.”

Lu Zijia said as she turned around and left directly without caring about how furious and terrified Lu Bochuan was.

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In the end, Du Xiangjun arrived at the door of the Du family hesitantly and anxiously under Lu Zijia’s persuasion.

Even though the Du family lived in a villa, the decorations weren’t luxurious and the area wasn’t large either, giving people mainly a warm feeling.

“Mom, we’re already at the door.
You’re not chickening out, are you?”

Lu Zijia looked at her mother, whose feet were stepping back, and couldn’t help but say a bit amusedly.

Du Xiangjun, who wanted to run away silently: “…” Her daughter was getting less and less cute.

Lu Zijia raised her hand and pressed the doorbell, giving Du Xiangjun no choice of run away.

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Someone soon came to open the door.
It was a woman in her fifties.
She widened her eyes in shock when she saw Du Xiangjun standing outside.

However, she soon showed a surprised look again.
“Third Lady, you’re finally back.
Master and Madam have been thinking about you all these years.

“Now that you’re back, Master, Madam, Eldest Master, Second Master and the others will definitely be very happy.
Hurry, hurry, come, Third Lady, come in quickly.”

The woman dragged Du Xiangjun inside happily, as if she had found a great treasure.

Lu Zijia, who was ignored, walked into the Du family slowly and observed the Feng Shui of the Du family’s villa.

The Du family lived together.
She didn’t sense any dark energy or Yin energy on Du Jinqian last time, so there shouldn’t be anything dirty in the Du family.

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If someone really did something to the Du family, Feng Shui would be the only way left.

Not long after entering the Du family, Lu Zijia sensed that something was wrong with the Feng Shui of the Du family.

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There was a road in front of the Du family’s villa that led directly to the entrance of the community, and the door of the villa inside happened to be facing the iron gate of the villa.
There was no obstruction between the door and the iron gate, and then it led directly to the entrance of the community.
It would be difficult for the Du family not to lose money…

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth twitched speechlessly, but she suddenly felt that something was wrong.

According to the original host’s memories, the Du family had been living in this villa for almost 40 years.

If this villa was designed like this from the beginning, the Du family wouldn’t only have started to fall more than a decade ago.
Then, did the Du family move or change something more than a decade ago?

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“Jia, why aren’t you coming in? Your grandparents are anxious to see you.”

Du Jinqian walked out of the villa with a gentle smile and waved at her, asking her to come in and take a seat.

The two elders of the Du family were still alive.
They had two sons, Du Jinqian, Du Jinli and an adopted daughter, Du Xiangjun.

Their eldest son, Du Jinqian, married a wife whose name was Zhong Qingran and had a son, who was 10 years old.

Their second son, Du Jinli, still hadn’t got married and was single.

What made Lu Zijia surprised was that everyone in the Du family was at home at this time, except for the children who went to school.

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