“Yeah, your grandparents aren’t really interested in flowers and plants, but they like fish.

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“When the fountain in the yard wasn’t filled, they kept a lot of fish in the fountain and nurtured them carefully every day.
People who didn’t know would even think that those fish were their real sons!”

Seeing that the topic was moved away from him, Du Jinli immediately regained his energy and followed what Old Lady Du said.

Hearing the key word, Lu Zijia’s eyes glittered slightly and she immediately asked seemingly inadvertently, “There used to be a fountain in the yard? Then, why did you fill it?”

As soon as Lu Zijia asked this question, the two elders of the Du family and the two brothers of the Du family all looked a bit strange.
Only Du Xiangjun looked confused.

Lu Zijia could tell from their reactions that they didn’t fill the fountain purely because they didn’t like it, but because there was something hidden behind it.

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Since that was the case, Lu Zijia also told the truth.
“Feng Shui has the saying of letting money slip away and gathering it.
The design at home is often the key to Feng Shui.

“The gate of the house was directly connected to the entrance of the community.
This makes money slip away.
Besides, the iron gate of the villa was directly opposite to the door of the villa, so it’s more convenient for money to get out.

“The water in the fountain has the meaning of gathering money in Feng Shui.
If the fountain in this yard isn’t filled , it can stop money from going out and can gather money.”

As Lu Zijia spoke, Du Jinqian and the others thought of something and they gradually turned pale.

Du Xiangjun, on the other hand, asked her daughter with a worried look, “Jiajia, are you saying that the reason why the Du family declined was because they filled the fountain in the yard?”

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Lu Zijia nodded.
“Right, so if we don’t solve this problem first, the Du family won’t rise no matter what business you do in the future.”

This family was constantly letting money slip away.
It would be strange if they could rise.
It was truly not easy for the Du family to survive for so many years.

Du Xiangjun, who trusted her daughter unconditionally, immediately blurted out after hearing that, “I can’t believe it.
Then, let’s find someone to build a new fountain!”

Du Xiangjun said as she really took out her phone to look for workers in this aspect.

Lu Zijia shook her head.
“We can’t rush this.
We still have to choose the date and time, or it’ll only backfire.”

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Hearing what her daughter said, Du Xiangjun couldn’t help feeling a bit frustrated.
She frowned so hard that her eyebrows could kill a fly.

“Lu Bochuan, that bastard, he’s truly sinister!”

Du Jinli, who figured something out, had a glint of viciousness in his eyes.
He gritted his teeth and growled fiercely.

“Xiao Li.” Du Jinqian gave his brother a look of warning, telling him not to say anything more.

However, Du Jinli didn’t shut up just like that.
Instead, he said furiously, “Brother, haven’t you figured it out yet?

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“The person who really asked us to fill the fountain back then wasn’t Xiao Jun, but that bastard, Lu Bochuan!”

Du Jinqian had certainly figured that out.
He just didn’t want his sister to feel more guilty.

As expected, after hearing what Du Jinli said, Du Xiangjun’s heart trembled and she clenched her fists subconsciously.

“Lu Bochuan? It has something to do with Lu Bochuan? Why does it have to do with Lu Bochuan? What has our fountain got to do with him?”

Du Xiangjun seemed to have guessed something in her mind.
She felt even more sorry for the Du family and even wanted to apologize with her life.

Knowing that he couldn’t hide the truth anymore, Du Jinqian couldn’t help but look at his brother in blame, then explained, “We filled the fountain at home back then because Lu Bochuan came to tell us that you wanted us to fill this fountain.

“The reason was that you always had nightmares.
You dreamed that you accidentally fell into the pond at home and drowned..
We didn’t think much about it at that time, so we agreed to fill up the fountain.”

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